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  1. Hotel reccomendations for training class in Westford, MA area?

    Marriott Residence Inn Westford should be fine or Holiday Inn Boxborough.
  2. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  3. Looking for Advice on Second Pistol Purchase

    You can't go wrong with a Sig, it's a really nice firearm, but if your on a budget, take a close look at the Beretta 92FS.
  4. Anyone got any good FTF stories?

    Big_Red- Only you would be so lucky to deal with such a fine person. [banghead]
  5. FA 10 Forms

    Try this: http://www.mass.gov/Eeops/docs//chsb/firearms/FA10.pdf Well Breslau beat me to it ;)
  6. I'm Actually Drooling On My New Grips

    Something about a Sig with wood grips......very nice!

    What was this guy a 'member' of anyway?
  8. Marlin model 60 sight adjustment

    Model 60's are notorious for the walking scope syndrome. Try using a coupe of dabs of Silicone and crank down the clamps next time you sight it in.
  9. Small reloading bench

    I use Lee Reloading equipment and refer to Lee's Modern Reloading Second Edition. I also have several other manuals, including Lyman's, which will give you the information you need to get going.
  10. Congrats to SKS Ray

    Wow! Congrats Ray! Thanks Derek and Four Seasons and MFL for doing this!
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