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  1. Interesting Article & Video on Tunnel Rats in Vietnam

    I watched this on youtube last year. An incredible video
  2. Class Review: AAR: ONSIGHT FIREARMS TRAINING Defensive Carbine, Cape Cod MA 12-20-2020

    Another excellent review. I am hoping to get in on some training in 2021. The classes I took with Ben before are great.
  3. Caniglia v. Strom

    I did not find mention of this case in a search. If this is a dup please delete. I found this highly interesting in what affect it may have on red flags going forward...
  4. Glad to be back!!

    Glad to see you! We all need to support the groups that really work for us.
  5. Shield 2.0 Accuracy?

    I have a MA shield 2.0 Put in a free state spring. The Shield is excellent. You did say you had a free state trigger so the 10lbs MA BS should not be the issue. Have you shot it from a rest?
  6. My first firearm!!

    Congratulations. Make sure you get good training. I also recommend you join GOA,L Comm2A, GOA, FPC, and SAF
  7. FPC Looking to talk to people in Bloc states that ban ARs etc

    FPC has an urgent request for you - our grassroots army. So-called “Assault Weapons” and “high capacity” magazines are protected by the Second Amendment but several states refuse to recognize that right. We are seeking to speak with individuals in Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, and...
  8. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Call the hotline. Number is on Goals site.
  9. Illinois Rep. Sean Casten: We Need an Australia-Style Mandatory ‘Buyback’ Because America Has Too Many Guns

    They need to stop calling it a buy back and call it forced confiscation. I am so sick of the media and dems using a false term.
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