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  1. Christmas Gift Trash. Am I the only one?

    Everything gets burned in my backyard. My father in law likes to bust my balls. He breaks down the recycling into groups. I throw it all in the fire. Paper, cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam, rubber. I recycle glass, and metal. I don't like cleaning that stuff up after. And I do it at...
  2. ATF Raids Polymer 80

    I was looking for one of these kits a couple months ago. They've been out of stock of almost everything on their site.
  3. Any instructors looking to put on an in LTC class?

    Thanks again. It was an outstanding group of people!
  4. Any instructors looking to put on an in LTC class?

    Sent you a message, I have a pretty open schedule and make home visits.
  5. Forgotten Weapons "The Worst AK I have Ever Seen"

    What's scarier is that thing looked to be full auto.
  6. We need a new Freezer: Where to find a good size (for family) freezer??

    I picked up a used GE upright freezer last week. Took about 3 days to find it. I picked it up within 3 hours of the listing posting.
  7. gun shops suing state after Baker’s closure order

    Surprised I didn't see this posted yet. Mark Bouchard, owner of Westport’s Shooting Supply on State...
  8. People posing as cops breaking into homes

    Maybe a better option is to have a list of names, current chief, past chief, ect.
  9. People posing as cops breaking into homes

    How many people have actually seen a warrant? Pretty sure most of us could type up and print a pretty legit looking search warrant.
  10. Trump gun control, update post 529 Trump No Longer Backing “Red Flag” Law, Background Check Changes

    I wonder what video games Timothy McVeigh played. There are psychopaths in the world. Until we are able to scan the world for them. Shit will always happen.
  11. Active Shooter El Paso Texas August 3rd 2019

    Not sure why all the trump bashing. Would any of us have AR's or AK's right now under Hillary?
  12. III Percenter Warns: ANTIFA Planning Terrorist Attacks Nationwide

    Exactly. I think he even applied twice, and went with a friend who happened to get accepted. The world would have been a different place if he got accepted to that art school.
  13. Subcompact commute car you’d recommend.

    Lexus ct200 It's a fancier Prius.
  14. Do I really need a 10mm 1911???

    I own a G20. It's my only 10mm. I need another. It's a fun round to shoot. As fun as my 357mag. But.... as others have mentioned, you should learn to handload. Most store bought 10mm is very weak. I had some American eagle 10mm and could not tell the difference between 40s&w. Seriously, I...

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they are used to Ds winning and the majority think they have it in the bag and don't show up. Luckily I voted Friday!
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