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  1. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    it shows that a cryptocurrency without trust is useless... and I sure as sh*t won't be buying FaceBook's Libra version. I trust Zuckerberg less than China!
  2. Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law in New York City

    "New York City residents are very worried and shocked after seeing Muslims riding around in cars identical to NYC police cars. Undercover sneaky acts to enforce Sharia Law in the USA. First starting in Brooklyn, New York they eventually want to paroling all the neighbors and eventually taking...
  3. PG&E Is Dubious of Fire Victim’s Claim

    Sure seems that way. The despots who rule CA are running scared and don't care who they topple in order to protect their own asses.
  4. Lung biopsy

    Sister-in-law just had one. She was knocked out.
  5. PG&E Is Dubious of Fire Victim’s Claim "PG&E Corp. says it has found suspicious monetary claims by victims of California’s wildfires, including one from a...
  6. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Humility here on NES... NEVER! [rofl] [rofl] [rofl] [rofl] [rofl]
  7. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Obviously you don't. In fact I think I'll offer my own cryptocurrency for sale. We'll call it RichBackedCryptocurrency. Backed by the good faith and trust of my honor and integrity. How am I doing so far? Please adopt it quickly and bid up the prices everyone so I can get the downpayment on the...
  8. An Inmate Was Repeatedly Shocked by a “Stun Belt” After a Sheriff's Deputy Dropped..

    Kinda similar... I was on a speaking tour years ago. Me and another fella were taking turns presenting on a new techie thingy. I had to piss like a race horse. When my turn ended I raced to the bathroom. I let out a large sigh of relief and flushed. When I returned everyone gave me a round of...
  9. American Children ‘Immersed in a Culture of Disrespect’

    “Kyle was absorbed in a videogame on his cellphone, so I asked his mom, ‘How long has Kyle had a stomach ache?’ Mom said, ‘I’m thinking it’s been about two days.’ Then Kyle replied, ‘Shut up, mom. You don’t know what you’re talking about.’ And he gave a snorty laugh, without looking up from his...
  10. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    After my Mom died a couple years ago we had to clean out her apartment. In the deep, dark recesses of her closet we found an old, dusty box. It contained an 8 track player and a bunch of tapes. I had to explain what it was to the kids...
  11. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    China has been diversifying their foreign currency assets and reducing their US dollar assets. Both China and Russia are accumulating large quantities of gold. China will allegedly introduce a worldwide cryptocurrency backed by their gold holdings. And how Putin is waging a war of words on...
  12. Boston Dining and Drinking Thread

    Prime steak from Costco. Weber charcoal grill with better grade charcoal. My deck. It is rare I get a steak at a restaurant that is better than I make at home.
  13. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

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