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  1. Bug out Rifle

    If you're using the AT as a model, I backpacked 750 miles of it in 56 days, averaging about 13 miles/day and that's about average for thru-hikers. I hit 20+ miles/day only a couple days on really flat stretches in central Virginia. I never met anyone with a pack less than 30 lbs. Of course I...
  2. OMHTF when You're at Work

    Oh, I forgot to add, before barricading myself in with the snack machine, I would loot all the women's bathrooom's at work and steal all the tampons. They're going to be the new currency after the SHTF! I'm gonna be RICH!
  3. OMHTF when You're at Work

    I'd take a pallet jack, get it under the vending machine, grab a couple 5 gallon buckets and a case of toilet paper, wheel it all into the machine shop, lock the door and wait it out.
  4. Baffled: AR barrel

    ew, do you have one of those drifting lazy eyes?? Those freak me right out!
  5. What is the best shot you have made?

    http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/66099-We-Are-Legends/page3 can't add anything else to it. except i have to say I'm not sure with 100% certainty that the original Puffin was a she. After the "incident", my sister named at least 3 cats after that "Puffin". I know for sure...
  6. Students Questions slow Reponse to Gunman in Gun Free Zone

    I doubt it's anything that sinister. It's more of the Martha Coakley "we discourage self-help" mindset of "let's all hide under our desks until the policemen SAVE us!" The exact same mindset of pre-9/11 air travelers. I believe schools need the same mentality of post-9/11 air travelers...
  7. Students Questions slow Reponse to Gunman in Gun Free Zone

    you forgot: 1.5 Absolutely retarded, nonsensical policy dictates that all the unarmed students are LOCKED INSIDE with armed bad guy
  8. another "wonderful" opinion piece

    +10000! Great!
  9. Why I joined this site

    Good on ya for making him green, but I have to say, sarcasm/humor is just a no-go online without smilies/explicit (/sarcasm) tags. I've tried it myself dozens of times without the proper smilies and get smacked in the face for it every time. [wink] [smile] [grin]
  10. Alcohol & Firearms Don't Mix

    We used to make "napalm" all the time, fun stuff! Through some very bad trial and error, the safest method (OUTDOORS!!): 1) take a few bars of Ivory soap and grate up the soap using a cheese grater (you can use soap flakes if you can find them, saves the grating process) 2) fill a 1lb...
  11. any body own the ruger lcr do you like it ?

    I've had an LCR for over a year-- it's one of my 2 carry guns when I carry, I love it in every way except for it's rattle when you shake it. Apparently it's a very well known issue and not considered a defect. Some people don't notice or seem to mind, but it drives me crazy. I swear when I'm...
  12. 1000yd range in New England

    I'm just getting into long(er) distance shooting, but would definitely be interested in this. Once a month max for me and I'd be willing to pay for membership and/or per visit.
  13. Thank you Carl and Derek - rep308 has a new M&P 9c

    Congrats! Enjoy it!
  14. Article: Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you Derek for making NES possible. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and all of NES! [cheers]
  15. Midwest 10% off AND FREE ground shipping

    Another link- http://armsvault.blogspot.com/2010/11/midwest-industries-black-friday-sale.html Midwest. Bummer.
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