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  1. problems with crossbreed

    Hey guys anyone else have problems with the crossbreed holster company? I have been attempting to contact them but the phone is never answered and emails are always kicked back.
  2. a new twist on the old rule

    i meant the AG's "list" that the never publish.
  3. a new twist on the old rule

    ok im going to beat the dead horse for a second here. buying in mass 101, the firearm you purchase from the DEALER has to be on two two lists, the approved roster and the AG's. almost anything goes when it comes to FTF, at least in respects to lists. if its in the state its assumed that it can...
  4. Your holster/belt rig recommendations

    I suggest checking out the crossbreed supertuck.
  5. the approved roster, AG and us.

    Well makes sense, we are governed and controlled by muppets
  6. the approved roster, AG and us.

    hey guys i had an idea, while perusing the roster and remembering that even if its on the list we still might not be able to get it because of the AG (which is still bull) i had the thought that we should create our own NES list, comprehensive, and excluding anything thats not approved by the...
  7. glock 22 .40

    i just found hat my local gun store AG guns in mass has a pair of glock 22's chambered in the .40sw. they have never been fired and were actually surplus from the Detroit police department. they were asking for 600 a piece, is this a good deal for a mass glock? i also noticed that its one of the...
  8. best clubs near lowell

    ook thanks everyone, and thanks especially for that link, i was posting on the fly and knew if i stopped to browse for too long i would end up skipping class
  9. best clubs near lowell

    im looking for a good range in the area where i could use fmj rounds i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. ive been pointed in the direction of thet billerica sportsman club so i was leaning towards that. any help would be apreciated, thanks
  10. FA-10 transfer info

    to answer the questions, yes we are both licenesed in mass
  11. FA-10 transfer info

    hey guys i did do a search but the stickies i found were blank, i think it might be the forums new look but i had a quick question. my father is giving me one of his guns so i am filling out the FA10 and sending it to CRIMINAL HISTORY SYSTEMS BOARD, Firearms Record Bureau, 200 Arlington St...
  12. double action only experiences.

    hey guys ive heard allot about DAK's and know there are some who absolutely love them and some who absolutely hate them. and untill i can get my hands on one i cant really test for myself so i figured id ask here. i was looking at the sig 229 DAK which has double strike capability (whatever that...
  13. Going to the mall

    what's the protocol on carrying in a mall? i did a preliminary search and didnt see anything pertaining to it. i was told malls are private property and as such i could be kicked out, is this the case? and what are your experiences?
  14. high cap. .40 questions

    Hey guys I had a quick question, I apologize if there are posts on this already but I am on my phone and can't do a search. I am in the process of coming into possesion of a 1999 usp compact with a high capacity magazine. Its 14 rounds. It is already in massachusetts so I know I can purchase it...
  15. urgent advice needed

    ha ok, ill bring Glen Becks book, common sense. haha
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