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  1. AR9 bolt hitting bolt catch lever

    Mine broke the other day too. I took all the precautions. I used a 9oz buffer and wolf heavy spring. But it still broke. It was a delton lpk. The heavy weight is supposed to slow down the bolt and prevent it from breaking bolt catches. I need a better bolt catch and I'll go from there.
  2. Possible EOTech problems

    Check came in today sent out on 12/16/15
  3. ar 9mm magwell block

    how about a dedicated lower? they are about the same price as a good mag well block.
  4. Possible EOTech problems

    They received mine on Dec 22. Im still waiting. until I get it ill use my irons
  5. Cabela's

    They lost me as a customer on their opening week. to bad they wont accept online ammo orders.
  6. Springs coming - Any lawn care questions?

    Pro lawn supply in Worcester has some nice grass seed. My lawn was just crap but after aerating seeding and fertilizing with pro lawn supply it looks great.
  7. Telegram Poll on Gun Parlor

  8. What the heck is with Mass roads?

    I recently heard on the radio that NH roads were top 5 worst in the country. That boggled my mind, the roads up there are mint. I mean common they blew up a mountain and added an off ramp on 93 in about 2 months. while in Worcester on 290 they can't even fix the college S turn in a year it's...
  9. My kids business venture, so to speak...

    Sounds like these will be for sale soon on NES.
  10. My kids business venture, so to speak...

    I'd buy one maybe two.
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