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  1. You need to watch this again (DON"T TALK TO POLICE ).

    There are two types of people, those that watch the video to be prepared, and those who watch it so “it doesn’t happen again”. Which are you?
  2. Springfield Armory National Historic Site Closed thru 03/31/2020

    Glad to see they are investing in their future. I’m amazed how many local gun nuts haven’t been there.
  3. Miracle on Ice 40 Years ago today

    It wasn't just a game.. America got kicked in the nuts in the 70. The inflation rate was 14%, something none of you have ever experienced, unemployment was 7 percent, two damn oil embargoes. This was the first wave of de-industrialization, with factories closing across the rust belt and NYC was...
  4. ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes dies after rocket crash near Barstow

    Tough way to learn the law of gravity....
  5. Clint Eastwood supporting Bloomberg

    A man‘s gotta know him limitations........
  6. Its that time of year to pay the King's tax.

    The MA excise tax was introduced to fund cities and towns during WWII, although my google-fu skill are lacking me right now. Can someone post corresponding evidence of my claim?
  7. All set, thanks! Good gunsmith

    Tim at Gartman arms in Wrentham. Great guy, great work.
  8. I'm a Crypto-Facist...!?

  9. ThiccBoogLine says FU attorney generals....

    You let the Statie search your car without a Warrant? Please invest 45 minutes watching this
  10. What a racket. Vehicle tax related

    Not expecting any sympathy but the $10K State Tax deduction is pretty easy for duel income, home owing couple to hit in this state so once you hit the limit the tax is really not deductable.
  11. What a racket. Vehicle tax related

    My 16 year old Honda Pilot bill was $75, it only has 250K and my goal is 300K so I guess the state loses on me....
  12. Johns Hopkins Study: Licensing, mag bans mean fewer mass shooting fatalities

    How can this have a different conclusions?
  13. Quality or Quantity?

    I spent way to much time and money on cheap scopes in my youth
  14. Storing water

    Water BOB - an emergency bladder that stores water in a bathtub, for hurricanes and other sudden events View...
  15. Bloomturd a Eagle Scout??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darth Vader was a nice guy at 18 as well....
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