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  1. Beretta Model 92FS - First Impressions

    When training with the 92 platform, the drawing and safety manipulation becomes simultaneous and after awhile becomes natural. We always trained to check the safety to ensure that it was disengaged whenever drawn. Post rounds being fired, the safety was used as a de-cocker by putting the pistol...
  2. M&P Shield .40cal-9mm Conversion Barrels

    Apologies for the link, we are constantly updating the page and they must have been moved, it is updated now. Thanks slugworth for the re-link
  3. Target Stand Recommendations Is the only target gear we use at the range. He's right in Ludlow, MA. Dave is an awesome dude, a patriot, and a gold star father. He stands behind his stuff 100%. He also has a new line-up that he is about to release that is more budget friendly. Send him an email...
  4. M&P Shield .40cal-9mm Conversion Barrels

    Hello All, Introducing our latest offering in pistol barrels, the M&P Shield .40cal to 9mm conversion barrel. Designed as a Drop-in Solution, This Barrel Converts Your .40 cal Shield to 9mm Without Requiring Fitting. 100% Made in U.S.A...
  5. Nickel Boron vs. Nickel Teflon

    Nickel-Boron and Nickel-Teflon provide similar improvement over a standard Mil-Spec (Manganese Phosphate) unit. We have used both processes in our manufacturing and I will share what we discovered. This improvement occurs in many areas which I will outline. Most all nickel finished...
  6. 1911 gunsmith in western MA?

    Thanks for the kind words guys.
  7. 1911 gunsmith in western MA?

    We can take a look at it. Give me a call to set up a time to come down. 4135891911 ext 108.
  8. Another ham...

    I installed a small sheet steel plate onto the top of the 3rd. brake light and mounted the mag mount antenna on to the plate. I am currently using a Yaseu VX5R HT with a speaker mic as my mobile radio. Congrats on your tech lic keep going the gen is not that hard a jump. I got my tech in June of...
  9. I passed my Technician

  10. Post pics of your Shack here!

    I know what you are talking about I got 25 contacts. It was fun anyway you look at it. It's great to be back on HF. It look like I will be taking my Extra Test the end of April. KC1ABV
  11. Post pics of your Shack here!

    Thanks for the information. Yesterday I made contacts on 10 and 40 meters.
  12. Post pics of your Shack here!

    I would like to what contest? I just got up and running yesterday. I have been out of HF for the last three months since I sold my Yaesu FT950. I just receieved the Ten Tec Orion II yesterday.
  13. Post pics of your Shack here!

    My new shack
  14. 2 meter Repeaters

    Cant't hit the Waltham repeater
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