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  • Do you have any M&P 40 apex triggers? Or are you able to reduce the trigger pull to 5-5.5 lbs? Thanks.
    John, Nice talking with you.
    Paper City Firearms (cerakote)
    68 winter st Holyoke 4133746002
    What do you have left in the " WTS SPECIAL PRICING Less then $300.00 1911 Commander Slide and Frame Combos" ?
    I would possibly be interested in one if you have in 45.
    thank you.
    A question, just for my own knowledge.. Why chrome a bolt? What advantages are gained?
    Thanks Jim
    hi John,

    Are you open today?? I was thinking of coming by in the mid-day to early afternoon time frame with my .45 for you to check.

    Hey John are you going to be in the office on Saturday, I'd like to bring the rifle down?
    I did, and wanted to try some new magazines in case that was the problem. So I hit the range this weekend. First two 20 round magazines went fine and the problems started trying to load for the 3rd time. I reloaded one of the two magazines, inserted the magazine, and when a released the bolt it jammed. So I will be bringing the rifle down for you to take a look at.

    I'm on call this weekend so I'll have to do it next weekend if you're free. Would Sunday the 25th work for you?
    Hey John,

    I need some advice. I took the rifle to the range this weekend and the first 20 shots went fine. The second 20 resulted in jams every 2 or 3 rounds. I cleared the first few, but it kept happening. From what I saw the round appeared to be stripped from the magazine properly, but instead of going up and into the barrel it just gets stuck. Any advice would be great.
    Do you guys have an email address to ask some questions? I recently sent an upper receiver as a swap, that I bought from you, and have some issues. Thanks.
    hope you guys did well at the gun shop. I left my nes combo with you, since I needed some other things added to it. My question is what would you charge additional to cut the frame to accept a ed brown bobtail mainspring housing. i'm lokking at the cost affectiveness versis my time to cut it? I'm sure your probally all setup to do it already. Also to cut the ejection port to allow a loaded round to be ejected easily by hand. I'll throw you a pic later of what I do to most guns I make.

    dave skehan
    4 greenlawn ave
    south grafton, ma 01560
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