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  1. DIY: Shovel AK - photo tsunami warning!

    As the Red Yeti Cosmonaut of Eastern Siberia I give thee, the Make Awesome Weaponry From Trash Ressources In The Name of The Defense of The Motherland Metal medal!
  2. SKS Barrel On AK?

    I'm looking to turn my AK into a poor mans Semi- Auto RPK. Being an m70 Opap my AK already has the thicker receiver , I know the add on parts I need. I was wondering if you could put a SKS barrel on an AK. I'm no smith but wondering the possibility of it.
  3. Flash Supp. and Other Muzzle Brake Device Legality

    I was wondering if flash supp. are legal in RI, or what muzzle brakes are? Wanting to turn my AK into a poor mans semi auto RPK (RPK style muzzle brake, drum mag and bipod). Thanks in advance.
  4. An intruder is at your door

    Dog barks when people are at the door ( deep bark but gentle dog), turn on car alarm, grab AK in case they don't leave, fire at the ground, still there but seeming unthreatening cops, you respond by shooting back, different story.
  5. Who uses BB guns to help with training?

    They are great for what MisterHappy mentioned and also learning the basics of gun responsibility, muzzle control,putting your safety on,knowing your target and what's behind it , ETC. Also they're cheap to shoot. A great platform to teach your young ones on if you're not sure they are old enough...
  6. Any Outdoor Ranges In RI, Non-Membership.

    Been looking for an outdoor range in RI where you don't have to be a member. Been shooting at SRO, great indoor range,store and people but I want to test out my accuracy at a farther distance. Also the ammo price difference is a decent amount when you buy in bulk. I don't know the legality of...
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