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  1. S&W 627-5 V-Comp

    I looked on the MA approved roster and found the 627-5 but is the V-Comp with its 8 round cylinder approved in MA?? I was planning on purchasing one and did not want to have trouble transferring it locally.
  2. M&M's Plimoth Bay Outfitters-Plymouth, MA

    These guys are GREAT! I just bought another handgun from them ( M&P 40) and Judy did all the paperwork for me so all I had to do was come in and sign the forms. They also swapped out some .223 ammo that was not working well in my AR for FREE. They all know me and make me feel like a valued...
  3. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Outdoor Range Closed? Does anyone know why the outdoor range is closed and when it will be reopened??
  4. SVI in .40S&W

    Does SVI currently have any .40S&W models that are available in Massachusetts? I saw the 2 that are on the MA roster but both are .45's
  5. Wolf Steel cased ammo in an AR?

    I agree with you both!!!! PMC is $329/1000 at XXXXXXXXX. Do your AR a favor and buy some. It's great for plinking. They have Prvi Partzan ammo if you need something with a little more performance too[grin]
  6. I need some .223 / 5.56 "match" ammo recommendations please... :)

    I've shot the Prvi Patizan 75 grain 223 in my LWRC M6A2 and it is very accurate but my barrel has a 1/7 twist. I have used the Prvi Partizan 62grain 223 in my Rock River with a 1/9 twist and it was much better than the PMC 55grain 223. Your 1/9 might not like the 75grain stuff.
  7. 3 Gun Competitions

    Not to be disrespectful to some out there but the challenge of 3 gun is what makes it interesting. Getting your gear ready and contiually improving your skills with all 3 guns is exciting and challenging. If I wanted competitions to be easy, I should stay home and watch TV. I hope there are some...
  8. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    I submitted my application yesterday but I don't have a sponsor. What is the deal with that? Is it a strict requirement or is there a way around the sponsor requirement. Also, what is up with the qualification for using the 300Yard range. I won't have any problem qualifying with my M6A1 but it...
  9. Braintree Rifle & Pistol Club - Braintree, MA

    I signed up for the orientation coming up this Sunday but need to know how crowded the club is on weekends. I don't want to waste my time if the club is jammed and joining would just make it more crowded. Could someone please give me an unbiased answer. If it is too crowded I will look elsewhere.
  10. Marlboro Gun Show, Jan 30 & 31

    I got there around 8:45 and stood in line to get in and paid my $10. What a waste of time! Just a bunch of junk and overprced crap. Not one bit of usable tactical gear or military gear. The ammo was ridiculous with PMC 223 going for $389/1000. I just bought some online for $319. Winchester...
  11. 3 Gun Competitions

    Tim, I live in Plymouth and I am down the Cape all the time. I am very interested in the match and would be only to happy to volunteer to help set up and break down in addition to competing. Please let me know what the schedule is and also how to regisrer so I don't miss out. That goes for...
  12. 3 Gun Competitions

    Is anyone aware of any 3 gun competitions in the New England Area?
  13. Plymouth Rod and Gun

    Membership I was reading the membership requirements and they seem rather involved. I live in Plymouth so it would be nice to be a member but it seems like it must take 2 months to get a membership along with 4 hours of free service. Was it a pain to get in and did you need a sponser?
  14. Lee's Gun Shop Windham NH

    Make sure you talk to Jeff. He is a great guy. He sold me a Rock River Elite that I am very happy with. The shop just got the LWRC delaership and I'm picking up my new M6A2 piston gun this week. He has all the black gun goodies too. The prices are really good.[smile]
  15. Which Gas PistonTo Buy?

    If you look on Ruger's website, They have a MA compliant version. Four Seasons informed me that it will be available any day now. I'll be one of the first in line to but one![smile]
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