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  1. 2015/2017 Mustang GT Premium

    Had a '16 GT. So much fun. Standard shift. I got mine with 13,000mi. The hood started to show rust pocks, it was a recall and was replaced. I heard tell of the '15's having some growing pain issues. I had to get b rid of it due to work driving. 2016 Musrang GT >, 2019 Subaru WRX.
  2. Thoughts, prayers and good vibes please

    Prayers and thinking of you and wife. Please keep in mind, prayer works. My dad was almost gone 3 weeks ago, as I send this, I had a cheers with him 5 min ago.
  3. Nazi Guard Testifies

    I was responding to a general "why did the Nazi's do such and such issue. Yet, not to mention, there have been younger "leaders" in the history of the world.
  4. Nazi Guard Testifies

    Because the leadership of the Nazi regime was sick and twisted. They wanted to exterminate these victims, and they got off on the fact that the victims suffered. The victims wore their nails down scratching the walls of these chambers. And there were those chambers that didn't gas them on...
  5. In Shock

    So sick of the cancer takes, taking great people from us. Sorry for your loss.
  6. Things you had to learn the hard way...

    Never ever trust a car fax, like ever...
  7. Stuff is getting real.

    Thoughts and prayers!
  8. Impact of suicide.

    Horrible to hear. So sorry for this loss. Please take care of yourself. Posting in this forum is a good move, as there are many wise individuals here. Even just knowing you are not alone is a good thing.
  9. New Sedans, Manuals

    I love my WRX. Although I miss my '16 Mustang GT. I want a quick, vehicle with a manual. I drive a ton, and it's fine (for me) in stop and go traffic. Id recommend it.
  10. Officers Arrest 25-year-old Male for Third Firearm Offense .....

    We need a legit running list of these kinds of cases. I like toss them towards my lib acquaintances to make them realize, there are other forces behind the scenes. How is this scum walking freely? What about holding criminals accountable, so innocents don't end up in caskets!? But, but...
  11. Who did it ?

    How can we do that? I had a friend join up and promised to get the ' green ' light for her. Can I do it discreetly?
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