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  1. Ban Leaf Blowers

    my town has days when everyone can rake or blow all their leaves to the curb and then a giant vacuum truck goes down the street, sucks it all up and composts it. saves the entire town bagging and dragging. it’s great. different streets have different weekends when their street will be sucked...
  2. Man Fatally Shoots Pit Bull To Stop*Attack

    **** pit bulls. no problem dropping one. it’s a dog.
  3. Celtics 2017-2018

    going back to boston for surgery, no sense getting stuck in Cleveland for recovery. i think i he’ll turn out okay, could even see the latter part of the season i bet. he’s young and determined. overall good second half, buckled down and got things working. the young guys will get key...
  4. Shot a bump stock AR today

    i think these threads lose a lot of their power and sensibility when the analogies begin flying, feet are more dangerous should we ban feet? more people die from sepsis than guns, should we ban blood? insults, condescension and logical fallacies are sort of poor form and undermine a good...
  5. Santander Bank Sucks

    Did the dude who cashed the check keep the extra $1000? If so, he has your money. - - - Updated - - - I don’t use checks anymore... Venmo with friends, electronic payments on bills. Cash with strangers
  6. The Insurance Surcharge. So just how does that work?

    insurance companies (not health insurance) make on average 4-5% profit. they are not “raking in the dough”. most are struggling with the explosion in accidents coinciding with the advent of the smartphone combined with the super high cost of repair in the modern drive by wire, electrical...
  7. Traveling To Italy? Don't Shout "Allahu Akbar" While In Venice!

    I love Italy. Great food, great museums, amazingly old buildings.
  8. Divorced your wife? Government forces you to go back.

    Not a statist and not suggesting we need any laws for this. It's just a common sense observation. If you need a divorce, that means your judgment suffers. Personal accountability. You do not need to be married. So if you are not sure, or have poor judgement, or have an inability to compromise...
  9. Divorced your wife? Government forces you to go back.

    Not a bad idea, might make people take marriage and their personal commitments a bit more seriously Kids would benefit from having both parental role models available during those formative years, assuming they took the parenting seriously of course.
  10. McGregor VS Mayweather thread

    Mayweather is a serial abuser of women so I hope he gets his clock cleaned.
  11. Looking at used Jeep Wranglers

    Didn't mean to imply I care at all about 10mpg. I drive it Where I want, it's just not a commuter car for me due to mileage + highway manners. I have a commuter car for that. Haha
  12. Looking at used Jeep Wranglers

    1997 TJ, 225,000 miles, original engine and transmission, but everything else has been broken and replaced many times over the years. It's on 6" total lift and 35" swampers. It's mostly a toy now, 10mpg if I'm lucky and I won't drive it over 65mph.
  13. Amy Schumer impromptu show in Salisbury

    Haha. Good one.
  14. Amy Schumer impromptu show in Salisbury

    Not a comedian I really know much about, but I don't understand why when we are annoyed, upset or intimidated by someone we default to criticizing appearance. Feels kind of shallow and probably not how we would want ourselves, our parents or children treated. Maybe I'm just old school, but I...
  15. Google Engineer Blows Whistle on Diversity BS

    It's a well-written case, but employers aren't really interested in debates with their employees...
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