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  1. Does this offend you?

    I personally find this HILARIOUS and can not wait to print it out and hang it on my desk at work!
  2. Hunting banned?

    what about quality control? Hunting is an essential part of managing wildlife populations.
  3. New Acquisitions for August 2009!

    my new and first shotgun... Rem 870 Express Super Magnum Also picked up a Nikon 2-7x32 in RealTree, just haven't mounted it yet.
  4. Turkey hunting

    Just curious, are Toms more elusive/skittish than Hens? I have a lot of wild turkeys in my area but I never see any males? I know they've got to be around, otherwise the hens wouldn't last to long, but I never see them?
  5. New O/S purchase

    I just made my first o/s (out of state) purchase. I bought a Remington 870 at Kittery Trading Post. Do I have to file an FA-10 now to reg it in MA? Or is it already registered since I purchased it with a MA license? If I have to file an FA-10 can I download the form online somewhere?
  6. Smith and Wesson's Two Free M&P Magazine Offer

    Mine took 3 months. And the mags don't seem right. I can fit 10 rounds in, but the mag will not seat in the mag well. I can only get it to fit with 9 rounds in the mag.
  7. New shotgun/ammo question

    Okay, just picked up my first shotgun. Remington 870 Express Super Magnum, in RealTree Camo. Came with 3 chokes, mod, full and extra full. I later read that all 870 model barrels are interchangeable except on the Express Super Magnum. I was hoping to hunt deer with sabot slugs, but I thought...
  8. scope question

    Thanks, just picked on up brand new for $125!
  9. scope question

    I know they make all different scopes for different purposes, ie. long range/short range, varmint, ones for muzzleloaders, etc. But do they make scopes spec. for shotguns? Or do you usually put a rifle scope on a shotgun?
  10. Legal Shooting hours

    Hey, I saw this link in Cabelas' mag and thought I'd share it. Many may already be aware of it, but I'm sure there are some that will find it useful. In most areas, fall hunting usually starts 30 minutes before offical sunrise and 30 mins after official sunset. "Official" time is determined...

    I've got the M&P 40 and love it. They're great guns, I'm sure you'll be happy. Although I am looking to get a trigger job. That's the one thing I'm not crazy about with the pistol. As far as the mag... is it a shiny metal or a more dull finish? The reason I ask is when I bought my M&P...
  12. 65 Democrats tell Holder - "Hands off our guns!"

    This is great. A a democrat AND pro gun, it's nice to see that not all dem politicians are against guns. Now if the MA dems (and Whitehouse) can just get on the wagon...
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