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  1. Winchester Ammo plants (3) in Mississippi all shut down. Power outage...?

    Looks like there might be an ammo shortage to add to our ammo shortage.
  2. Am I crazy?

    Depends on if it fits your upper. Other than that probably not much.
  3. 1St Gen Glock 17

    For a “collectors item” that’s still a crazy price. $200 sounds more realistic.
  4. RustBlue Gunsmith Natick- 👎

    Not exactly a safe queen. The main question is, is it zeroed in to a reasonable defense distance for a .380 sub-compact? You still haven’t posted a pic or explained how it was “hacked”.
  5. RustBlue Gunsmith Natick- 👎

    Another great reason to learn to do your own work. Not saying that Rust Blue did wrong (I think this complaint post is lame) just saying these all seem like things you could learn to do on YouTube, then you can slag off yourself.
  6. 6 Dead, Dying, and Soon-To-Be-Obsolete Handgun Cartridges. Agree?

    A lot of single action revolvers still chambered in it. For the cowboys.
  7. 45 ACP or 10mm Glock

    Get both.
  8. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    Sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace James.
  9. Still pukin !

    She should stick to this
  10. how are your post trump, color revolution, covid family relationships ?

    You forgot to add: and they’re white
  11. how are your post trump, color revolution, covid family relationships ?

    They’re still regurgitating the nonsensical, often contradictory propaganda and getting all emotional about it. Thank you for asking.
  12. Still pukin !

    Guess it’s no secret why Joe nominated her View:
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