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  1. Renewed for another year via PayPal.

    Same deal with me. It won’t let me renew before my membership expires. My question is—- if you renew after expiration do you keep your time in? Or do you start from scratch?
  2. WTS Norinco type 56S-1 under folder Chinese AK47 clone. Very pre ban, circa 1980. One stop home protection package. Price drop.

    Bump Offers are now being accepted. Cash only. Rifle with no accessories——3000 cash
  3. Remember when?

    I‘ll start up a good gun thread——- How much is my 1872 Flobert parlor rifle worth? If you really want to lowball me on the price I can throw in a ceramic pedestal sink to sweeten the deal. I know what I have!!
  4. WTS Norinco type 56S-1 under folder Chinese AK47 clone. Very pre ban, circa 1980. One stop home protection package. Price drop.

    Location :N. Central MA Description : This is a very nice Norinco Type 56-1 under folding rifle. I have never shot it nor did the owner before me. I can trace this back to two owners before myself. The gun was purchased in the early 80s so the manufacture date of around 1980 is a best estomate...
  5. People Who Conceal Full Size Handguns

    It helps to be 60 pounds overweight. I could conceal an AR if I wanted to. Not to mention when you’re that fat no one looks at you or even wants to look at you. They actually pretend like you’re not even there. So being overweight I guess it does have its advantages in a few things. Smart Carry...
  6. Officer-involved shooting leaves 16-year-old girl dead in Ohio

    I’ve been watching this case on Fox also reading about it on many different online outlets. So this hero cop saves a black lady from certain death is a racist because the potential killer of the black lady was another black lady? I can’t even understand how a human brain could think that way...
  7. The Mill is full

    That’s because we let our trucks do the work and not our muscles. Work smarter not harder.
  8. Man pulls concealed carry weapon in gun-free mall to defend family and bystanders during shooting

    I’m thinking about starting up my own business with some special rules and conditions. No black people, Jews, Hispanic, or anyone else I feel is undesirable. How far would I get with this business model?
  9. Signs and Symptoms of Non-Serious Buyers

    This isn’t an outrageous question. I can’t remember how many items I’ve inquired about and a few days later I get a reply "sorry the item been sold" My response "then why didn’t you take the ad down?"
  10. FID disqualifiers?

    Voluntary commitment has no bearing on Firearms licensing. Like what was mentioned earlier— don’t even mention it.
  11. Woman upset with wait opens fire in Tennessee Burger King drive-thru

    No arrests have yet been made? If that was an overweight Christian white dude he would be purp. walked up and down the street for two hours and the news would be telling everyone they caught a white supremacist, religious whack job hunting Black people.
  12. White House says Biden prepared to issue EO’s on guns

    I think I read somewhere in one of those dusty old books an interesting quote. "Evil abounds when good men do nothing." I wonder what that means?
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