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  1. Sig P938

    Make sure you oil the thing out the box. Take it apart, clean and lube. I love mine big time!
  2. Preban Mag Question (I promise, slightly more specific)

    With that said, I have some pre-ban Glock mags available for sale. 17, 19's and 22's. Just pm me if interested.
  3. Westford, MA residents are up a creek

    Thank you for the history.
  4. Westford, MA residents are up a creek

    Impending Gun ban and/or confiscation at stake. NRA-ILA | Massachusetts: Westford Faces Impending Gun Ban and Confiscation of Commonly Owned Firearms and Magazines I hope I listed this in the right place. Best regards.
  5. Earth Day - how are you going to celebrate it?

    I squeezed off a few hundred rounds at the range.
  6. Direct TV Sux.

    Ideally you should be mid to high 90's%. I ended up not subscribing to the NHL pkg this past year to save some money. Now I'm glad as can be, because NBC is carrying all the playoff action and it's free. In the past if you didn't subscribe, you were missing a lot. Somebody earlier asked why...
  7. getting into reloading... dillon 550b

    Sorry Admin, didn't think about it in regards to posting vendors. I'm on some other forums and that's just standard procedure in helping a fellow man out. No harmful intent here. Is it illegal to bring reloading supplies in from out of state??
  8. Tennessee goes to bat for CCW citizen arrested in NYC

    Here's the reason for the gun laws in NY being what they are; 100 year old law.
  9. getting into reloading... dillon 550b

    XXXXXXXX, Titegroup powder, CCI primers because their easy to get and less expensive. Federal primers I prefer because their softer, so if you have played with any spring weights, Federal will give you less trouble and 100% bang everytime. I don't do rifle calibers, but have done a bunch of...
  10. Sig P938

    My P238 Equinox is flawless. Can't wait for a P938, although then, what do I do with my K-Solo. The new P224 looks interesting as well.
  11. Sig P938

    Damn. And I bought a Kimber solo last month. Love my Sigs.
  12. R

    Very trustworthy and a great overall guy to deal with. Trade, buy or sell with confidence.

    Very trustworthy and a great overall guy to deal with. Trade, buy or sell with confidence.
  13. Sig Sauer P229 E2 9mm - My Take

    I was at the Sig Pro Shop yesterday for the academy and had them put the E2 on my P229 that I bought last November. I like it a lot. Could use a little sticky tape on the front but I'm being picky. The trigger improved in that there is less slack to be taken up in double action and I think...
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