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  1. RI Proposing New AWB & Magazine Ban Legislation

    even with lower participation the Pro 2A (Yellow shirts) out numbered the anti 2A by 50 to 1 ratio. Senate hearings are today starting at 3pm
  2. Best round for Canada geese

    Not wanting to ruin anyone's fun but I've seem multiple news articles where the animal rights people will go after anyone that attacks geese with rewards and full support of the police. Personally I use to use a Silky Terrier and she was one mean little bitch. Today I have a federal permit to...
  3. Rhode Island club offereing Trap?

    Wallum lake. NW RI
  4. More police protecting and serving

    Cop charged with 4 felonies
  5. account upgrade expiring email

    thanks, I'll wait for overdue emails :)
  6. account upgrade expiring email

    yep same thing, only dealer/instructor are available options
  7. account upgrade expiring email

    I clicked on "here" to renew, I did not reply to the email I've also tried both brave & chrome browsers and going directly to my account page
  8. account upgrade expiring email

    received annual email about subscription expiring however there is no "purchase" option for NES Memberships I'm confused, Thanks, Rich
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