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  1. This is why you check headspace: KABOOM

    Both are CMMG.
  2. This is why you check headspace: KABOOM

    Round chambered bolt closed. Don't know if this helps.
  3. This is why you check headspace: KABOOM

    This is how my cmmg barrel chambers. Build two of these so far.
  4. New Handguard

    Now I need some toys to put on it.
  5. New Handguard

    Troy DI "BattleRails" on a Bushmaster (Sorry for the crappy pics) . .
  6. New Handguard

    I bought and now I am "stupidly happy". Picked up Troy's CAR/M4 DI. Just finished putting them on. Fit and finish is awesome. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  7. New Handguard

    Thanks guys
  8. New Handguard

    Is this what you are talking about? I am pretty new to this so bear with me. CAR/M4 Drop In Rail EDIT: This is my rifle Bushmaster M4 Type "Post Ban" Carbine
  9. New Handguard

    Looking to get new hand guards for my bushmaster ar-15. Just wondering if anyone has any input. I been looking at these. Midwest Industries Handguard 4-Rail AR-15 Carbine Length Aluminum Black Thanks Jim
  10. SCAR anyone?

    Waiting for this one to hit the list.
  11. Show me your Garand, M1A, Carbine.

    Looking to get a M1A. Any suggestions where to start looking?
  12. My New FN M1922

    found this Click Not sure if it helps.
  13. tactical shotgun laws

    Did a little searching kind of came up short. Looking to get a Remington 870 with a 18in barrel and extended tube. I would like to put some goodies on it like a adjustable stock, pistol grip and side saddle stuff like that. Is there any laws in mass that I would be breaking? Thanks jim
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