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  1. Might be drunk

    Probably easier to just send your liver out to the dry cleaner.
  2. Question on Radon

    For those who have well water, don’t forget to test the water.
  3. What are you cooking for the Pandemic?

  4. Mr Bojangles won't be down for breakfast or to sing and dance.

    Thom Geier Sat, October 24, 2020, 8:56 AM EDT Jerry Jeff Walker, the folk-country singer-songwriter best known for the late-’60s hit “Mr. Bojangles,” died Friday at age 78, CNY News reported. Walker, who was born Ronald Clyde Crosby, had battled with throat cancer three years ago and...
  5. Condo life and headaches

    To be a legal HP parking spot, it must be painted AND have a sign. The management company should find out how many residents need an HP spot and then mark out with paint and signs. If you have a valid placard and there is someone parked there without one, call the tow truck immediately. I'm...
  6. Which Good quality extension cord?

    Or, go with the blue jacket for very cold conditions.
  7. the boss is leaving the building

    Let's set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for his first class one way ticket on the first 737 Max to be flown after the software update.
  8. Dunkin's new Ghost Pepper donut!

    I'm pretty certain that the muffins are made at an off-site bakery then frozen and shipped to local DD's. There was mention a few years ago that the donuts were going to be frozen and shipped as well. Pretty disgusting quality at DD's for a long, long time. Remember Dip'n Sip?
  9. Guess what this is.

  10. ‘I don’t feel like dying today’ , mountain lion scare.

  11. ‘I don’t feel like dying today’ , mountain lion scare.

    Never leave home without your 00 Buck and a meat suit. It might be very difficult to shoot an attacking mountain lion straight on because its a narrow target. Always carry a shotgun.
  12. Anti-freeze odor with truck

    If its still under warranty, bring it back to the stealership. Let them deal with it.
  13. need a Stud Finder recommendation

    I always use the hammer tap method. Works every time. View:
  14. Question for the Electronics experts

    Must have been a Wood duck.
  15. New paparazti definition of, "arsenal"

    Them’s is mighty dangerous rocks. View:
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