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  1. Virtue Signaling for Dumb People

    People these days are dipshits. Cute car Jim
  2. Happy birthday to me, Lady Radtekk ROCKS!

    Happy Birthday Lee!!!!
  3. WTS Glock G 19 preban mag

    Please delete. Sold
  4. WTS UNITED WE STAND 7 up cans

    I have a complete set (50) of the 1976 7 up United we stand cans. They are all empty but in great shape. When stacked in order makes an image of Uncle Sam. $100 located in Leominster Trade offers considered
  5. WTS Vintage Cigarette stuff

    Selling off some stuff I’ve collected over the years Marlboro stuff: Marlboro Adventure team sleeping bags. Great condition and freshly laundered $25 ea Framed Marlboro ad $8 SOLD Marlboro racing team hat never worn $10 SOLD Marlboro adventure team lighters $5 each Marlboro leather wallet $20...
  6. WTS Cowboy stuff

    Looking to sell or trade some things I’ve collected over the years Antique cowboy boot clock from the 1950’s still works $50 Antique cowboy boot lamp from the 1950’s still works $50 Black Bart booze decanter (empty) $20 Antique horse clock makes galloping horse noise every hour $25 Located in...
  7. WTS indian stuff

    Im looking to sell some things I’ve collected over the years Handmade Quiver with handmade arrows $100 2 pt antlers $25 Indian clock brand new in original pkg $20 Handmade recurve bow $75 Arrow shelf $25 Antique animal traps They still work but for display only. $30 each Located in Leominster ma...
  8. WTS Vintage Belt Buckles

  9. WTS M-16 rifle rack

  10. Medical oxgen tank refill?

    I have two full ones. They are both little and medical grade.
  11. Show your ride. Even Dodge products.

    Pick this up today
  12. New Acquisitions January 2020 - Firearms Only!

    My new .22. It’s a Fiala made in 1920. Shoots like a dream. And my new to me Ruger Alaskan
  13. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    In the woods of fort devens.
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