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  1. Next MA approved firearms roster for us peasants?

    I was told by the FRB some time this month it should be updated
  2. We are now selling Benelli Stroeger Product

    Exciting News here at We are now a stocking Dealer of Benelli and Stroeger Shotguns We received our first order this week. Come on by and check out the M2 Tactical and SBE 3 Give us a call for pricing or to order your next shotgun Precision Point Firearms 155 New Boston St. Ste.180U...
  3. Massachusetts LTB? ("License to "Bulge")

    The police officer has to demand it. Not ask
  4. Precision Point Firearms

    Ya know I always considered myself an approachable person when it came to asking questions but these threads keep popping up. I am going to be going back to school so I am no longer doing transfers as I am focusing my time on furthering my career in law enforcement. If people want to buy guns...
  5. Free Masons. Who are they, what do they represent and are they worth joining?

    Just found out I'll be being installed as Senior Deacon Next Year. Looks Like I'm going to have a lot of memorizing to do
  6. How long for your FFL to allow you to pick up?

    It's possible they tried contacting you. When I contact people to pick up their shit I don't leave messages intentionally. I left a message one time and they guys wife got it and next thing you know I had her calling me freaking out about how I can't sell her husband anymore guns and that I...
  7. Special Announcement! All Transfer Proceeds this month to Comm 2a!

    It's that time of year again! We are proud of the work that Comm2a has done and also honored to be a plaintiff in the federal court case Draper v. Healy. Because of their hard work I am going to be giving back to this great organization this month. For the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR we will be...
  8. Woburn?!?

    I passed it with flying colors thank you very much.
  9. NFA SBR from out of state dealer questions

    They can form 3 it to a Massachusetts NFA dealer and then they form 4 it to you.
  10. Keltec Sub2000 Gen 2

    Just to prevent further misinformation: The Gen 2 has a threaded barrel and is an assault weapon under massachusetts standards. We've had a few get sent because customers had ordered without asking us from places that already had our FFL on file and we had to return them.
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