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  1. Pre-July AR-15 question Been in touch with the AG Office numerous times in reguards to this. Best I can figure out based on the enforcement notice put out is Dealers are prohibited from selling but civilian sales are still alright as long as...
  2. Powderhorn Hyannis

    Thank you for your kind words K98. Glad you had a pleasant shopping experience. We hope to see you in the shop again soon. Thanks again, Greg
  3. Powderhorn hosted Ladies Night!!!!!

    Hello all, I am here getting the word out about our upcoming Ladies Night being held here at the Powderhorn Outfitters this Friday May 8th. Its a night for Ladies by Ladies to come into the gun shop and get great deals, advice, knowledge by some great girls working in the firearms...
  4. M&P Shield

    Another great option is the new Ruger LC9S. The new striker fired LC9 is out with a great stock trigger which beats out the shield any day of the week. No work needed just take it out and have fun. Priced right around the same money as the Shield but no extra work needed.
  5. Need help finding a first rifle.

    Tapco is a very well know brand especially for the ak/ sks firearms. They make a great product for a very reasonable price.
  6. Ruger SR9 advice

    The Ruger pistols are great. They offer the two different size backstraps that you can swap out. Very comfortable pistol and a joy to shoot. They always stand behind their products and make a great firearm. The deal you are looking at sound great for that price.
  7. M&P Shield

    We at the Powderhorn sell and install the full apex trigger kits. We normally stock the standard carry and the competition kits. My name is Greg and I am the manager here as well as the Smith Armorer that does the work. We have the sight pusher and can usually have the whole kit installed in 15...
  8. Powderhorn Outfitters

    Thank you dustoff22. You are not the first person to tell me that I am shoveling against the tide. But if you ask anyone that knows me im hard headed and enjoy a challenge. If you are ever down in the area please stop in and say hello.
  9. Powderhorn Outfitters

    Evan9201 Thank you for your reply, and I absolutely agree. I was not in the store when this happened and was filled in when I returned. I am working hard to turn this place around and any bit of helpful suggestions are always accepted and I appreciate them
  10. Powderhorn Outfitters

    Thank you In God we Trust. Very helpful constructive criticism. I appreciate your help.
  11. Powderhorn Outfitters

    Hello everyone and thank you for your feedback. As I have said before if anyone has had a poor experience I humbly apologize. I know that there is still work to be done and believe me im trying. Yes we are a bonded warehouse and I have posted before our terms and our policies when it comes to...
  12. pepper spray: for sale or not?

    During the first few days after the new law was passed the law did not give any excemption for dealers who sold pepper spray to a prohibited person. As someone posted earlier it was a gray area for us dealers and we even asked some local police officers how they would interpret the law about it...
  13. Heavy Canine Contents: So that the funny thread doesn't get locked

    Ok so here is the Powderhorns mascot. His name is Ratchet. He is a Bull Mastif, Boxer, American Bulldog, Lab. He is now just under 2yrs old and has been walking the isles of the store since he was 6 weeks old.
  14. Barnstable Public Range

    Hello everyone, Some of you may know but the Barnstable outdoor public range has been shut down for some time now. I am here to announce that there is a meeting @ the Barnstable Town Hall on Thursday August 7th at 7PM to talk about the re opening of the range. I have spoken with a number of...
  15. Powderhorn Outfitters

    Just saw this come across my desk. Goal highlights what passed the house and is going to Gov. Patrick. They address the actions of the state that are being reformed in the case of confiscation of firearms. Just thought everyone here would be happy to hear that the state is changing its ways...
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