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  1. WTS Ruger 5.7 with 5 magazines $600

    Gun has 100 through it. Original box and all the paperwork that came with it. 50 rounds of ammo $600 Call or text 508 nine eight nine 4 nine 8 eight I can do personal transfer or at an FFL at you cost. Must have MA LTC All laws will be followed
  2. New Acquisitions March 2021- Firearms

    Dan Wesson Specialist
  3. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

    Love my Kimber
  4. Happy Easter

    Congrats!!! Happy Easter!
  5. R.I. Non-Res LTC

    I didn't post this meaning to brag.....I do work there part time and I do have to transport firearms to and from R.I.
  6. R.I. Non-Res LTC

    LOL...he gets asked that all the time.
  7. R.I. Non-Res LTC

    Hey Rich, I dropped off the paper work at the Attorney General's office two weeks ago,and I had a friend of mine that has a gun shop write a letter saying I work for him and need to transport firearms in and out of R.I.
  8. R.I. Non-Res LTC

    Got a letter today saying that I was approved and I have 14 days to pick up my LTC.....I'll be there this coming Monday to pick it up....Looking foward to it. [smile] [smile]
  9. Need NRA Instructor for RI Permit Qual...

    I can give you his info if you want it.
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