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  1. so, some opinions on the sig 220

    I’ve had a P220 carry for a long time that I have put thousands of rounds through without a hiccup.
  2. SCAM ALERT in the WTB

    I got the same message from the same user for a WTB ad.
  3. WTB Ruger 22/45 MKIV Lite

    Looking for a Ruger MKIV Lite with threaded barrel. Thanks!
  4. WTB AR Upper and lower parts

    I have a spikes stripped lower that I am looking to build up. Ideally a 16” barrel in 5.56 but might consider going 9mm. Also looking for parts to build out the lower. Let me know what you have! Also will take recommendations on where to source locally. Thanks
  5. Plumbing help

    Just dealt with the same issue. Cut the old metal flange away and replace it with this:
  6. Who has the BEST MUFFINS north of (or nearby) Boston?

    Flour has a number of locations around Boston/Cambridge and their blueberry muffins are one of the best. Working in the city I have made the rounds and haven’t found one better.
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