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  1. Coywolves

    I'm not longer in Hopkinton. I've moved out west a little and we have a farm business. I'm thinking a 38 at close range out of a carbine won't be excessively loud and should get the job done. My wife is very small statured but a good shot so another + for the carbine. My neighbors are...
  2. Coywolves

    Is a 22 magnum good for coywolves? We have an issue at the farm and am looking for something small and handy for me and my wife without a ton of noise or recoil. Other options might be a Henry carbine in 38, or a Mini 14.
  3. First Defense Shotgun Recommendations

    Wanted a 590A1 for the farm, but ended up buying during all this crap so got a regular 590. Front end gets heavy when loaded up, so maybe I'm happier I didn't get the A1.
  4. CCI 22 amo

    22 shorts. Shooting them makes me laugh. Bought a bunch to shoot on my property. Hitting the target is about as loud as the shot.
  5. Mossberg 590 Light

    Looking for a light for my 590. It has picatinny rails on the fore-end. Want something that won't interfere with my hand. This is for my farm, so keeping coyotes away from my animals, as well as HD. Streamlight hlx looks like an option, but would it get in the way? Any other suggestions?
  6. Sutton, MA

    Who needs Tony's? I made 8 pounds of amazing pulled pork. Bring some ciders, rolls, and ammo.
  7. Sutton, MA

    Good stuff. I'm on Mendon road a little east of the police station. I'm mostly planning on 22s just so that I can scratch the itch occasionally. Probably will let the big boys marinate in the safe for a while. I spoke to one guy that said he would call he police first before shooting so they...
  8. Sutton, MA

    I recently moved to a new place in Sutton with some acreage. Does anyone know of any bylaws that prevent one from shooting on their property? I've looked through the bylaws and didn't see anything that would prevent me. In past towns there were clear no discharge of firearm rules. I have a...
  9. The Pres

    HAHA. Yes, we are suddenly going to win the drug war.
  10. Gransfors Bruk

    Yeah, absolutely send it back if not 100% happy. That's what I did paying these prices for these things. LL Bean should be pretty good with customer service. I like buying through REI as you can try things for a year to see if you are happy.
  11. Gransfors Bruk

    Feels really nice in the hand. Giving it a few coats of oil then putting her to work on Sunday. Also got a Husqvarna hatchet. Head was crooked and handle had a little surface cracking, more than I wanted to sand, so getting at least another one of those too.
  12. Gransfors Bruk

    So got the axe and wasn't very happy with it. It wasn't seated very deep, the top was cracked all around by the wedge, the bottom opening of the head came to a sharp (cracked) twisted point at the front, and the back by the poll looked like it had a fold mark from a piss poor forging job...
  13. Gransfors Bruk

    Picked up a Hults Bruks Kisa today. Similar to Gransfors Scandanavian. REI has a one year trial on everything you buy, so if it sucks, I can bring it in for a new one or return it. Store is right next to my work too. Going to give it a couple rub downs with boiled linseed oil and then give...
  14. Gransfors Bruk

    Think it would be an issue with plastic felling wedges? I wouldnt be hammering any metal.
  15. Gransfors Bruk

    Heading to Natick today. Was thinking the longer scandanavian may do better. Need it for taking small branches off trees, putting wedges in while chainsawing, cutting kindling, and killing all the stupid vines on my trees.
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