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  1. Car Question

    Just Empty Every Pocket
  2. Deval Patrick comes up short, calls it quits!

    Another ex Governor Bill Weld running for President also. Does this mean tall Deval will run for President someday ?
  3. I have a problem.

    Bedroom safe instead of free standing safe.
  4. This is why we can't have nice things

    Heater box deleted, welded and smoothed out.
  5. NBC10 Looking for Suckers

    Same owners since 2007 on website.
  6. You are old if...

    254-5678 Hello Larry, first time caller . Clapping. Remember the Glick-nic song ?
  7. Boat Show

    Need to buy a boat or 3 from the dealer for freebies.
  8. Boat Show

    Go every year. Freebie tickets from boat dealer in NH. Wife and I make a day of it. Couple beers make it better.
  9. What impact wrench to get?

    Don’t laugh ! Anyone use Harbor Freight cordless impact ?
  10. What Truck do you drive?

    80 Chevy K20
  11. Where to shoot in North Conway NH area

    Caroll County F & G in Madison close to rt16. Its only $40 a year with no work requirement BS. 4 hour safety meeting required to attend. Nice low key range. Empty midweek mornings.
  12. Gubernatorial Race - MA

    Scott Lively ran in primary against Charlie Faker.
  13. Tips on Scrounging Firewood?

    Only use pallet wood for fire pit.
  14. WTS 2013 Chevy Spark $2000

    New driver , 17 y/o. Want him to drive an auto until he gets more miles driving.
  15. WTS 2013 Chevy Spark $2000

    Automatic or manual? This would be for new driver teenage son .
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