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  1. Squirrel hunting tips?

    Mainly waterfowl hunter here heading out this weekend to try squirrel hunting. I have a call but not sure if i should sit and wait or be on the move. Any tips that will help?
  2. Gov. Baker's AWB opinion

    Baker is suppose to be on the Hillman morning show on 107.3 waaf tomorrow at 7:20. The hosts are already planning to call him out on the ban. Hopefully alot of angry callers get through too.
  3. Charlie Baker, one term wonder?

    Baker is only worried about catering to the liberals so he can get voted in again.
  4. State Reps and Senators' letter to the AG

    Neither my state rep or senator signed it and both have yet to respond to my email. A couple liberal cowards I guess.
  5. Politician's Responses to AG Overeach

    Here's my response from the governors office Dear Patrick, On behalf of Governor Charlie Baker, thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the ban on assault weapons. We understand your concern about this issue, and we are grateful to have your voice as part of the discussion. Please...
  6. Call Gov Baker now -617-725-4005 - AG Healey re writing definition of AWB

    Emailed his office, my state rep, and state senator. I having a feeling I'll get no response from any of them.
  7. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    This state just sucks along with the liberals in it.
  8. What do they ask during the interview

    There's was no questions when I met with the license officer just paperwork and finger printing.
  9. Is a cwof that shows dismissed, a federal disqualifier with Nics?

    I have a cwof for something I was doing in college that would disqualify me from getting an ltc if I was convicted. I have an unrestricted ltc. So I wouldn'the worry.
  10. 2016 Spring Turkey Season:

    Well I was 0 for 4 this season. I had 3 walk in front of me this morning while out in the woods. All hens.
  11. Pediatrician Asks, Why Can’t I Talk To You About Guns In The Home?

    If your doctor ask if you have guns in the home just point out that more people die because of medical errors due to doctors than people getting killed by a gun.
  12. Let's talk fishing!

    If you're large mouth bass fishing try a rapala minnow perch pattern. The bass love them.
  13. Shotgun, 12ga or 20ga?

    I'd just buy both. I use my 20 gauge with rifled barrel for deer and 12 gauge for bird.
  14. Best caliber for deer?

    Thanks. Probably going to pick up a savage axis .308.
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