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  1. sorry i havent been around.

    I can only imagine the red neg reps this would garnish on the old board. [laugh]
  2. sorry i havent been around.

    Hey guys, his sig line says he's pretty important: Retired Military Aviation Former Member Navy Shooting Team Distinguished Pistol Shot, NRA Shotgun/Pistol Instructor NSSA All American, Skeet/Trap Range Owner
  3. Memphis shooting

    Was going to say, Hillary is about to be indicted.
  4. UPDATE, gun found: Natick police search for gun believed to be lost near elementary school

    :oops: apropos to very little: I was in my safe last night, on my knees fixing the ammo stacks on the bottom, and you know how the Winchester safe has those 4 handgun pockets on the door....I happened to be looking upwards at them, and I didn't see my Ruger 22 sitting in it's pocket, I freaked...
  5. 3 in 10 gun owners have used a gun in Self Defense....

    Well, I mean hey,....there is Chicago....and Detroit.
  6. Denied Based On Suitability (LTC-A)

    That was his other personality posting that.
  7. Denied Based On Suitability (LTC-A)

    Definition of insanity?

    I have two boxes of this stuff, just like the one pictured. Given to me by a friend who inherited them from a hoarder. Awesome ammo!! I shot a few mags full and was really impressed with the good 'ol bang this ammo made...seemed to pack more punch than any other 22LR ammo I've ever used...
  9. The balls on Biden

    seems like every single day we tick closer and closer.
  10. SCAR. Why?

    cool name, ugly gun. agree with OP, I don't get it.
  11. 14 Strange Things For Fishing Bait

    Used to use Chicken Livers to catch catfish in the CT River as a kid, I'm sure that's pretty common though I would guess.
  12. MA EZ Drive (EZ Pass) Being Silly and Me being Dumb.

    last weekend: went from MA to PA to NJ to NYC under some bigass tunnel somewhere, my MA EZ was taking a ton of hits, I hate to see that bill. My wife said that tunnel alone to get into NYC is $16 per car!
  13. Airmont NY Deputy Mayor Brian Downey arrested, accused of buying gun parts over Internet

    :confused: Damn fine collection. So, who was harmed with his purchase? :mad:
  14. More Black women turning to guns for personal protection, report says

    I will also say good, the more the merrier. But I cannot resist the off-color joke: Well, that's going to make those Chuck e Cheese fight videos a LOT more interesting!
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