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  1. Black powder picture thread

  2. Can anyone help with identifying this percussion gun?

    There are two that I have seen on auction sites,but they have no markings or names One of them just sold in October for $200.
  3. Four Seasons Website Down

    Carl is good people,I have known him for many years,and if you have a problem he will always try to fix it.
  4. Indiana cop visits school to teach kids how to be good police -- then accidentally shoots one of them

    This is one of the reasons you don't let cops train at you gun range.Why did this F^*ktard have to draw his weapon? If your going to show the kids how to shoot the family dog bring in a blue training gun.
  5. ***NES Server migration***

    Good luck, and thank you for all you guys do.I will be waiting in my safe place until your buck up and running.
  6. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    I could get into a very long story about this,but I won't and just say don't do it.
  7. Boston globe Mill article

    We will invite Gov. Healey for the grand opening, and present her with an AR 15 RIFLE with a rainbow flag engraved on the side. The first 20 customers will get a free tube of flavored gun lube.
  8. Boston globe Mill article

    Trans Arms,a great new gun shop for the Mill.
  9. Remington modello 1879 rolling block

    Congrats on your new rifle,I have found the Rolling Block to be a fun gun to shoot with a very strong action. I have four of them in 22,7mm,20 gauge,and 43 Spanish.Some how the Argentino models have not had much use,and are in very good condition.
  10. Can anyone identify this rifle?

    I would say a Snider.
  11. ‘The Big One Is Coming’ and the U.S. Military Isn’t Ready

    What's everyone worries about,we are all going to get nuked and that will be the end of it.
  12. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    If we get around fifty guys all carrying, and go into the Mall we can drive the dog crazy.
  13. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    If you go to the Mall just take some Bengay with you, and if the dog starts to get close to you rub a little into your hand.
  14. Black powder picture thread

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