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  1. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Im going to be moving from Cape to Boston by summer time and am looking for a good town to move to because I don't want to have issues when renewing my LTC. Currently I have an unrestricted class A and want to keep it unrestricted.My license is good till the end of 2015 but I'm just thinking...
  2. We should all have some kind of warning system..

    Thoughts and prayers sent..
  3. Happy Birthday K-dub

    Happy Birthday[cheers]
  4. Looking for my very 1st gun. Any suggestions?

    I have one of these and I enjoy it.
  5. Ruger SR9c

    I have the two toned Ruger SR9c and I really like it. Shoots everything I feed it and is great for a concealed carry.
  6. My daughter turned 14.

    Awesome choice for a birthday outing
  7. Anyone here workout?

    I am going to check other parts of mass on CL I did not do that yet...Thanks for the replies..
  8. Anyone here workout?

    I just bought a bench press set with 45lb bar and full plate set for $40 off of CL. I then spent $30 on 4 cans of gloss rust-off spray paint and a wire brush and repainted the beach and the plates...They turned out beautiful..I have been working on making a small gym in my basement so I can get...
  9. LMAO.........Made my day!

  10. Happy Birthday Kiver

    Happy B-lated Bday.. and that sucks about your wallet..
  11. After 18 years..........

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