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  1. Lookin for quality contractor/builder in central MA for house addition

    Title is clear. Looking to add as large of an addition as the law will low. Good economy has given everyone with a truck the right to baptize himself a contractor. Anyways, looking for the real deal. This will be an in-law addition so it will require plumbing and electricity, etc. Leads are...
  2. the justice system based on my experience...

    Yeah I found out about his kidnapping time. Didn’t know about the armed robbery. Him and his brothers illegally towed a car, when the owner and father went to get the car, they locked them and beat them. Or something like that. Smh. What a great addition to the society.
  3. the justice system based on my experience...

    Update! Just received a check for $500 from the district court! I guess he finally was able to either save up or got busted for something else and this came up.
  4. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    I lost my renewal application that came in the mail. Where can I obtain another copy to fill and mail in?
  5. Real time election results

    Healy Maura duo are in a different league
  6. Minuteman Armory review

    Couldn’t agree more. I love mine. And I don’t think it’s ugly any more
  7. Anyone here installs wood/pellet stoves?

    The whole set up. If needed I can buy my own. In Worcester
  8. Dealing with daughters dating

    How times have changed
  9. Snow 2018-2019

    8 real (more than 3-4”) of snow events last season in central MA. Lots of icy nights though. My guess is a milder winter with 1 F us (20”+) storm. I don’t mind snow at all. It’s those long weeks below 0 I hate.
  10. Dealing with daughters dating

    Don’t have a daughter but if you raised her right you got nothing to worry about. She will get her heart broken and she will break a few. That’s life.
  11. Pulled the sd card on one of my cameras this morning.

    That’s not bad mf***er enough for NES
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