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  1. UPDATE POST #43 - Maura will host a Town Hall at UMass Amherst 11/13 at 7 pm.

    The intent here is to use their language to make a point. Niggling on semantics will lose the audience. Especially as, technically, a magazine doesnt have a standard, and therefore cannot be either low or high capacity. I chose that verbiage because we, at any given time, are one of the most...
  2. 3 Common GUN CONTROL MYTHS Debunked

    I'd like to address these for you. Not debunking them, but a different spin: #3: Its disengenuous to compare a country that allows self protection via firearms to those that dont. For an accurate comparison, there is one other country that embodies something similar to the United States' second...
  3. UPDATE POST #43 - Maura will host a Town Hall at UMass Amherst 11/13 at 7 pm.

    Ok, I have a serious question to ask her. Because I want her painted into a corner. Here you go: Ms Healy, recently, a gun bill was passed that was attached to a budget bill. As a statement, I would like to call this out as disengenuous at best. But, this leads me into my question: Since 2004...
  4. **Alert** Public Hearing - State House - 11/16/17 Please Attend!

    Jamie Eldridge is a HUGE support of gun rights! He fights for us!!! Just kidding. In a tweet to me, he said he would love to see this state ban all guns, period. These people just dont quit. Do they realize that year over year, gun crimes in this state have risen???
  5. Unable to post in Classified

    I havent logged onto the forum in a couple years. As I am getting back into shooting again, I had some gear I wanted to sell. I went to post in the Classified section, and it told me I didnt have permission. Is this because I havent posted in a long time? Or is there another reason? I reached...
  6. Obama, CNN team up for show promoting gun restrictions

    One has to wonder how many times he does the same thing, and expects different results? The very definition of insanity Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  7. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    So, we now have legal recourse for the denials for people. Which means that, in THEORY, we no longer need to label towns in colors (which is great, because I'm colorblind). As it removes a Class B, it should also remove any restrictions-or, if it doesnt specifically spell that out-that can be...
  8. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    Emergency legislation is for the funding parts of the bill. So they can start appropriating funding for the money parts.
  9. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    Because not all of us run away, then shit on those who choose to fight.
  10. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    All police departments do this. It's part of the CAD system. When an officer is sent on a call, it's logged. The officer then writes a report that is attached to the log, if the call warranted one. Most departments in the us use this system, to my knowledge.
  11. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    The Herald is wrong.
  12. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    Let us know when you're ready to act like an adult. The whole "molon labe" crap is old. And didn't help, at all.
  13. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    Linsky introduces these all the time. Big whoop. There were 33 anti gun proposals. None survived. Say what you like-goal, and those that called, emailed, and showed up, killed those.
  14. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    That's posted from red mass group. Sorry, they're a little too extreme for me.
  15. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    And take claim for something they had no hand in
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