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  1. Brockton man arrested in Dorchester on firearm, drug charges

    Oh, Nos.. And these are the same ones calling for a stop to all the "gun violence".[slap] We know the system is rigged to pad all of the law enforcement establishments pockets. There is a lot of money to be made in a catch and release justice system! I've got a great revolutionary idea. Just...
  2. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    I was taking to my best friend's uncle when I was visiting him in South Carolina. He said the boys here sit in a tree all day, in the pouring rain, just for a chance to shoot a deer. What do you think would happen if you come for their guns or family?
  3. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    F_in idiot just made a unregistered SBR![rofl2] I hope the ATF sees this video and arrest him for his stupidity![smile] Screw this libral sh_t bag, sheep herder! What communist fudd!! I support the second, but... Please cut off your dick off so it doesn't rape anyone or reproduce more libtards...
  4. Rifle for my lovely wife

    Tavor has a nice ring to it![smile]
  5. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    Funny all these governments of the people that are about the people and for the people. Wanting complete control over their own people! It's pretty simple people, those elites you "voted' into power were never about your rights, it was always about their rights. Enough fools will blindly follow...
  6. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    Some of us are old enough that the threat of jail or death doesn't scare us..[rofl2]
  7. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    What is this "Mall" place they are speaking of? Must have been around before the interwebs![smile]
  8. Tim Ryan Shooting - BWA-HA-HA-HA

    Hey kids, looky I'm going fully semi automatically retarded! This has an eight round bullet, high capacity, magazine, clip thing that goes up. The perferred choice of our much hated NRA members. His feet are in one zipcode and his shoulders are in another.[slap] Professional long range shooter...
  9. CT governor wants "grandfather clause" eliminated and existing "assault weapons" confiscated

    Selling out our future generation's freedoms for a little false peace now. Wow, the founders of this country forgot all about that thought process when it comes to politicians and tyrants.[rofl2] We are going to need a bigger boat for this one![smile]
  10. New pro-Oz campaign ad targets Fetterman for pulling gun on Black jogger

    This village idiot is exactly what those idiots in PA need during these times of the stupid leading the single cell free loading organisms. What a quality tool his guy is in our current Harbor Freight world!
  11. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    You say it like it's a bad thing![rofl2]
  12. Ali Osman: Family of Arizona man killed by police after he threw rocks at their patrol cars plans to sue for $85 million

    Cane killed Abel with a rock. Good shoot to me. I wouldn't want my family driving around with that ass hat throwing rocks at them either!
  13. Brain trust

    Sell it here on the classifieds for a couple grand. Then go buy a real Glock. For Sale: New Folbert type Glock 19 1/2, totally custom. Worth twice what I payed for it.Taran Testical super match carbon copy. I know what I have, no low bidders! Two thousand buckaroos, green backs...
  14. LCR 9mm review

    Why a 9mm revolver? Ammo compatibility with your existing guns, better and cheaper ammo selection as well as much better availability during market times. Also moon clips are way faster in a reload if needed compared to one with out them. Taking into account that everyone on this forum should...
  15. How do you define "Assault Rifle"?

    It's just a rifle. Using it to assault someone else is what all the anti's love to exploit it's features about.
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