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  1. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    My response to how many guns do you need..[rofl2] How many does my other half know about..Heck,I don't even know. Who cares how many tools are in the shed? Not me! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04F4xlWSFh0
  2. For those that want to puke- K Clark roundtable on gun violence

    Gun violence [rofl]! More people are killed with hammers in the US than by guns. Where were these clowns when Cane killed Abel with a rock. Ban rocks! Save lives! Good luck taking what you will never find. Those poor Brits and their like will never learn![wink] Man, these fools need to move to...
  3. Memorial Day.

    Hey 426wedge, My grandfather never talked much about his brother Giuseppe killed in France during WW1. Sorry for your loss. Be proud of him, fly our flag up high and remember those that gave their lives for our freedoms!
  4. Lost a good one tonight.

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
  5. WTS Sold

    New in box S&W 317 Kit Gun. $750.00 transaction through an EFA10. In the South Shore area. Must have a MA license to carry and all laws will be followed.
  6. WTS Sold

    Canik TP9SF FDE brand new in box with 2 (10 rnd.) mags and all accessories than come from the factory. $465.00 cash with an EFA10 transaction in the South shore area. All laws will be followed and buyer must have a valid MA Class A, large capacity license.
  7. Need help pricing a Geissele upper plz

    It's only an sbr when you have a barrel length less than 16" attached to the lower receiver. When you have a barrel attached that is 16" or more on your sbr lower receiver.. No out of state travel notification is needed from the ATF. You can sell a registered sbr lower with a barrel length of...
  8. Went to Dean Safety at the mill

    Oh well, one more shop to not bother going to..[smile]
  9. Lost, found, recovered, and returned firearm

    Gets his pistol back and realizes that someone stole the ammo out of it..[crying] I would like to file a police report for ammo stolen out of the pistol I left at that restaurant.[rofl2]
  10. ‘Imagine if he had AR-15’: Liberals demand GUN CONTROL after car & knife Capitol attack, as ‘white supremacist’ narrative crumbles

    Imagine if he was on a boat off Somalia's coast...[rofl2] With an AK and RPG's no less...[slap] Painting the kettle what again?[banghead] This chick needs to go back home and stay there!
  11. Here’s proof that AR-15s are weapons of war

    So the police are at war with the American people. I mean they are carrying weapons of war... What did the American people do so bad that the police carry such weapons against them? Do they plan on using such deadly weapons designed to kill people as quickly as possible to exterminate our own...
  12. Baker backs MA gun laws as national model

    Das Racist! [rofl2]
  13. 9th En Banc rules we don't have rights.....

    With over 400 million firearms in the US does it really matter what a Govt. run court said?[rofl2] Go ahead and arrest us all, hell come and take'em... That should be interesting and a little bit of a past reminder of the last folks that tried that.[coffee]
  14. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    Come on, man! The war on drugs solved all our illegal drug problems. America has been drug free ever since Nancy Reagan said "Just say no to drugs". We can all thank the countless state and federal drug laws for ridding the United States of illegal drugs.[rofl2] Just one more firearm law and all...
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