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  1. Pittsburgh Area Antifa Leader Tweets Warning To Trump: “We are armed… we will begin to block roads in conservative areas"

    When they see what the front of my little car looks like. I can guarantee that the only thought in their mind will be this guy has either done this before or is seeking to get the highest score![rofl2]
  2. State Trooper shot in Hyannis at 11:30 last night

    Glad our injustice system handled him with those baby gloves again! Be tough on crime..Then let's the most violent and dangerous free..[angry2] Hyannis man indicted on firearms charges
  3. Biden Gun tax

    What are these gun thingies ol creapy Joe is talking about so much?[rofl2] Searching every home and property in the whole entire United States, I mean how long would that take and what could possible go wrong?[smile] They better have ground searching radar and check every square inch of every...
  4. S&W warranty work. Experience?

    Remove the striker and check the striker channel for old crusty oil or cleaning solutions. See how clean it is in there. It may just need a good cleaning. Next what kind of ammo are you shooting. I have had problems with a Glock shooting Winchester white box that had some hard primers. Worse...
  5. Transferring a pistol frame in MA?

    Donning my flame suit and Batman underoos! Is it the same as transferring say an AR-15 receiver with a receipt only? As long as we both have a MA LTC. Yeah, use the search function.. What fun is that? I need a good beating anyhows. At least I will get a good laugh at the comments!
  6. All sold please delete

    I have for sale (4) Russian Bakelite AK-47 mags for sale. All that are for sale are made by Izhmash. $300.00 for the four of them, cash only. I have second set of (4) Izhmash made mags for sale as well. $300.00 for the four of them as well, cash only. I have a single Tula made mag as well...
  7. WTS All sold, please delete

    I have (8) NIB-Federal (420 rd) 62 gr. XM855 ammo cans packaged in stripper clips. All Factory sealed. I have (1) of the same in 55 gr. XM193. These are 420 rounds, not the 400 rounds as listed on other sites. $265.00 each, cash only. I live in the Mid-Cape area and will travel to meet in a...
  8. a WTF moment: small gun stores that screw you

    Everything sold by a business is done so for a profit. Think about everything you buy on a daily basis. Buy something at a price you can reason with. No one is forcing you to buy it and is it a necessity? How much would you pay for food if there was none available? I sold quite a lot on here...
  9. WTS Sold Please delete!

    New, Glock 19, 15 round Preban U-notch magazine $85.00 cash. In the Mid-Cape area. Can ship if buyer emails me a copy of their license and it ships to the same address. Must have MA LTC to purchase and all laws will be followed. Pm me here if interested.
  10. Weil Mclain or Pennco boiler

    I have a Burnham ES23 gas boiler in my house with an outside reset module and a 40 gallon Superstor Ultra indirect water heater. Hot water is on a priority Taco zone valve controller and I don't have any hot water issues when taking showers. I have it installed with a 4" liner in my cinder block...
  11. Indianapolis police officer who fatally shot Dreasjon Reed in May won't face charges, grand jury rules

    Live a thug life, die a thug life! Denial, it's not a river in Egypt! Stop with the lies about what he was doing in his life and how they want to topple the police for something that he brought upon himself!
  12. Brazil buys 6 million doses of China's Sinovac coronavirus vaccine only to learn that it don't work and caused a severe adverse event (Death)

    Yes, the wong was intentional. My friend won't eat at any Chinese restaurant to this day due to a friend that used to clean their grill vents. I love bothering him to go whenever we pass a Chinese buffet place. Come on you can do it![rofl2]
  13. Brazil buys 6 million doses of China's Sinovac coronavirus vaccine only to learn that it don't work and caused a severe adverse event (Death)

    Who would have thunk?[angry] China, their track record speaks for itself. Let's buy a vaccine from the same country that made those defective masks and created the virus. What could possibly go wong?
  14. Non-marking holster

    I like a nice 1911, but with the modern, lighter, more reliable, higher capacity, choices we have today. It's hard to justify carry wise to me. Holster wear is not something you can avoid, only reduce some with a quality holster. Keep the pistol and holster clean as mentioned and that helps...
  15. Non-marking holster

    Get a Glock!
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