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  1. Losing a friend to Alzheimers!

    Yep! Exactly!!!
  2. Sharing Experience With Veterinarians

    My heart goes out to you. It's losing a family member - usually the best one!
  3. Losing a friend to Alzheimers!

    My heart goes out to you, Kim. He may not remember, but you will. Let him rant, nothing you say will sink in anyhow. My wife is on the same path, just a bit further down it. She just asked my my name, so I get it. Good luck, Kim.
  4. Random Sunset

    WOW! Where were these?
  5. I ran a car over today.

    I hope you carry collision insurance!
  6. Poll: who has better posts?

  7. Incase you are interested????

    Where are the blinders??? AAAARGGGHH!!
  8. Our Embassy Attacked in Iraq

    These actions can be taken in secret. It is done with allies.
  9. Our Embassy Attacked in Iraq

    You're right. Where's the intelligence, coordination with our allies, policy objective, strategic plan? I think our "leaders" should be in the first wave!
  10. Perfectly Clean (In Context)

    Hmmm.... can't think of anything 😇
  11. Pembroke car crash

    My prayers go out to their families.
  12. Service Type

  13. Merry Christmas 2019

    +1. And to all the rest of us intelligent, rational sane, lunatics as well!!!
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