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  1. Uncle Henry's in Maine down?

    Its back up it seems.
  2. Uncle Henry's in Maine down?

    Seems like, I hope they are able to fix it. Registered since 1996.
  3. Uncle Henry's in Maine down?

    Is it down for anyone else? Seems like the domain was suspended. UH is a big classifieds outfit for Maine, including firearms.
  4. Fingerprints required for CT Non Resident Renewal?

    I just renewed again, no fingerprints needed. Keep in mind they are very backlogged and slow, took a few months for me to get my renewal back.
  5. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    Just wanted to close the loop. I got my permit about 2.5 months from when I sent the *corrected* application. The application I sent back in April, with the wrong picture, I never heard about one way or another. That being said, double check what you send in, its possible that they might not...
  6. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    Thanks for the info.
  7. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    Thanks for the info - I did send it return receipt, so I do that the signature that it was received. I also have a copy of the renewal I sent in (both). The one I sent in back in August (to correct the passport photo issue) is going on 8 weeks, so still less than the backup time. I guess we...
  8. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    Me too, but it is what it is. I sent in the second one since I realized I sent in a passport photo with my glasses on the first time around. Oddly I heard nothing about it and I figured someone might have tossed it on the pile. I have the signed return receipts for both. Usually CT is pretty...
  9. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    I did - but a human does not pick up the phone anymore, its just a long message saying they cannot check on status due to the volume of applications they are receiving. I was just curious if this is happening to everyone trying to renew (or applying for a new permit). The last time I renewed it...
  10. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    I am trying to renew my out of state permit, I sent the application back in May - have heard nothing back yet and my permit expires at the end of September. I even ended up sending in another renewal application early in August with a new check, just in case. I tried to email them, but get no...
  11. Converting Non Res to Res Permit to Carry

    Glad to hear it went smoothly - usually does.
  12. Converting Non Res to Res Permit to Carry

    600 miles - well you are pretty far up there then, so I see where you are coming from. Just FYI - the interview was just making sure I filled the form out right and that was it. Its actually less of a pain in the ass than when I had to get/renew my resident permit. But I hear you, I wasn't a...
  13. Converting Non Res to Res Permit to Carry

    Do you still have a copy of your older safety certificate? If so, they should take that. They took mine and at the time it was 8 years old. As for your second comment - IMHO I would get a MA NR LTC, I recently got mine and it was about 2.5 months from start to finish. It was unrestricted. Yes...
  14. SOLD (3) Czech Gas Mask M10, never used - FREE

    Location : Southern Maine Description : I have three Czech M10 masks - Not sure if the filters are NBC/CBRN, or just tear gas. Not sure of the age or date of manufacture. I bought them many moons ago. Accessories : extra lenses, sealed filters, and carrying bags Selling Terms : Since they...
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