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  1. Supply and Demand - The next chapter

    Just got an e-mail. Four seasons in woburn is having an inventory reduction sale.
  2. "Joe the Plumber" joins Chrysler
  3. VW workers reject UAW.

    Have a nice life when most of you are working till your 75 i will be somewhere in the sun not thinking about you. Im done with this thread full of those that are holier than thou.
  4. VW workers reject UAW.

    There was no work in NH?? Yes some cops are dirty so all cops are bad etc etc. I love all the "second hand" stories.
  5. VW workers reject UAW.

    Lol. Yes i've certainly got my head buried in the sand. As a contractor you must love prevailing wage. You know you give the guys the rate but they have to work for free on Saturdays fir "rate appreciation".
  6. VW workers reject UAW.

    You spund like a contractor. I still call bs on the schools. Whens the last time you built one or had one done in your town because I have experience with both recently.
  7. VW workers reject UAW.

    Less than %15 percent of the workforce. Time for a new scapegoat dont ya think?
  8. VW workers reject UAW.

    You can post all the links you want. You sir are the ignorant one.
  9. VW workers reject UAW.

  10. VW workers reject UAW.

    If you ship anything than You know USPS priority blows everyone else away. BTW you are not funny.
  11. VW workers reject UAW.

    We are used to unions up here, but that was a really BIG DEAL down there. It was my understanding that win or lose the UAW would continue on with there plans to organize a mercedes plant in Alabama. - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Wow you know latin.
  12. VW workers reject UAW.

    The schools are mostly built non union. The bid low and hammer them with "change orders"
  13. VW workers reject UAW.

    But they are, slowly but surely. Every district in this state could have brand new schools if it wasn't for the unions jacking the prices up into the 100 millions to build them. It's a crock of shit. This right here is a crock
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