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  1. New England Shooter's Warehouse in Tewksbury Ma

    Anyone know the name and address of the place? I Googled 'gun shop tewksbury' and it returned 'Bredon Hill Shooting Supplies, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK'. I don't think this thread is about that shop :-).
  2. Moving guns to another state?

    I'll be relocating to the Southwest next year and the thought has occurred to me - how do I move a dozen guns from MA to AZ safely? Do moving companies handle such things or do I have to transfer everything through an FFL?
  3. hi capacity magazines

    Let me ask a question that I'm sure someone on this forum will be able to answer. Has ANYONE ever been prosecuted in this state for having a post-ban high capacity magazine? I know, I know - I wouldn't want to be the test case but it seems a pretty silly law for some DA to try to enforce.
  4. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  5. H&K Legal, scratch that, MA Compliant... As Of......

    The new list is out and they are indeed on it. Heckler & Koch P2000 .357 Sig Heckler & Koch P2000SK .357 Sig Heckler & Koch USP .40 S&W Heckler & Koch USP Comp LEM .40 S&W
  6. H&K Legal, scratch that, MA Compliant... As Of......

    Interesting thread. FS and Blue Northern are pre-selling Sig P238's based on the expectation that they will be on the next approved firearms list. Why wouldn't they be doing the same with HK's?
  7. MA EOPS Approved Firearms list?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to find out when the next "Approved" firearms list will be issued by EOPS? I've been told that they have to release/update the list four times per year. The current list was released in July...
  8. What's your first gun (and can you part with it)?

    First gun? A Harrington & Richardson single-shot 20-GA shotgun, Christmas 1960. I still have it.
  9. Ninemil

    Hi breslau, I was just notified that my inbox was full and that you'd tried to PM me. Sorry...

    Hi breslau, I was just notified that my inbox was full and that you'd tried to PM me. Sorry, I've cleaned out some old messages so if you have a question about the M44 just let me know. thanks, Bill
  10. M1 Garands in Greece

    Um, that was the policy when I turned 18 but the Draft was discontinued for the all-volunteer army when college deferments became a way to bypass the system. There's certainly something to be said about mandatory service to your country. The chicken hawks like Rumsfield and Cheney might not...
  11. **Governor Patrick Files New Gun Control Legislation**

    Licensed dealer? What about this provision?????? * Requires individuals who resell their guns to conduct the transaction at a licensed dealer so that the transaction can be entered into the electronic firearms database for better tracking of secondary sales. So if I want to sell from my...
  12. quick advise needed: C&R purchase- Garand thoughts? (now w pics!)

    Ball ammo Will CMP ship to MA? I'm about to put an order in for a Garand and would love to get the ammo at the same time.
  13. C&R Renewal

    My license expires April 1 so I sent a check and renewal application to the BATF the first week in January. Haven't received the new license yet although the check was cashed on 1/13. Anyone know the current wait time is for a renewal?
  14. The ATF Just Left My House...

    Well now I'm wondering whether I've misunderstood the process all along. I keep two sets of records one for C&R purchases and sales and another for FFL01 and FA-10 purchases and sales. Should I reconsider - or does it really matter?
  15. Is there a policy on target size in mass?

    LTC? What's a gun club LTC? Did you mean FFL?
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