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  1. Not surprising: Justice Dept. to sue, seek injuction on Ariz. immigration law

    So is Zero going to file lawsuits against "sanctuary cities"? Don't they conflict with the Feds law on immigration? Oh wait, its only laws that prevent new voters for the progressives that Zero doesn't like![rolleyes]
  2. New Jersey to Make all Jews Wear Stars of David Emblems

    Dude, the Holocaust is one of the top ten "Epic Fails" of Humanity! 1. The Germans bought into Hitlers BS and committed atrocities on a scale that is almost unimaginable! 2. The remainder of the Human race stood by and watched! Regardless of what some people think, the allies did not go to...
  3. New Jersey to Make all Jews Wear Stars of David Emblems

    This sums it up perfectly! Not only is using the Star of David a horrible comparison, it boarders on offensive.
  4. Front Sight ads on NES?

    Ummm..., What?[rolleyes] So the "owners" don't care that a fraud/scumbag/scam artist is advertised on their Forum? Its "their house"? Isn't that the point? Most people don't want the "stink" of outfits like Front Sight in their house! [angry] And to be honest Bob, your post reads like you have...
  5. Front Sight ads on NES?

    OK, Sorry for wasting everyones time.
  6. Front Sight ads on NES?

    derek, I am guilty of not being a "paying" member of the forum, and I certainly don't mind having the ads to help offset the cost to the forum owners! But if you check, Front Sight and its owner have a very negative reputation for various reasons. The latest is the use of a video that shows the...
  7. Front Sight ads on NES?

    And its in the posts in this thread! Iside vellnueve's post where he says he doesn't see a Front Sight Ad.
  8. Front Sight ads on NES?

    I was just over on the General Discussion section all the way down at the bottom. There was a big banner for Front Sight.
  9. Front Sight ads on NES?

    [thinking] Why does NES allow Front Sight to advertise on the Forum? Are the owners of the forum aware of the history of Front Sight and its reputation? Even the NRA has declared it will no longer take ads from them after the shameless use of the video detailing the murder of a Sheriffs...
  10. SBR

    I have been searching around this topic and did not see it mentioned. While over at there was a thread in the NFA section. The individual stated that the ATF denied his form 4 because the MA AG has thold the ATF they are no longer legal in Ma. I am going to call GOAL and see if...
  11. Letterman, keepin' it classy

    Bob I never called you a "libtard"! I'm sorry if my writing skills(Oxymoron) implied that. The last late night comedy show I watched was Johnny Carson. So I wouldn't know about the jokes made by the likes of Lenno or Letterman! I have no problem with politicians including their families...
  12. Letterman, keepin' it classy

    #1 Many politicians involve their families, including children. Clinton & Obama both have! #2 Palin has done nothing more than call out Letterman for what he is. A classless douche bag! He's lucky Todd Palin has more class, or old davey would be in an ambulance with the lights and horns...
  13. Why?

    I'm sure they are "all over it", but the current administration and the news media don't seem to have the interest in the Arkansas case that they due with the others. [thinking]
  14. Why?

    Sorry Bill, but I don't buy it! Even if your theory of the news cycle was the cause, why then did the President(Or his admin) release statements regarding two of the incidents and not the other? Why did the Justice Department and or Federal LE pounce on two of the incidents and not the other...
  15. Why?

    As all of us have seen in recent past, there have been several very disturbing murders in America. A doctor was murdered for his participation in "legal" medical procedures. Although those procedures are quite controversial, they where none the less legal. A young soldier was murdered...
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