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  1. Laser oxidation removal

    Did it clean up inside the lettering just as good? It looks like the letters are stamped. Hard to tell at the end.
  2. Graf and Sons...good??? Bad???

    They will ship to MA with a dealers account. I actually haven't had to use them since I moved.
  3. Graf and Sons...good??? Bad???

    I had a dealer account with Grafs and they were very good to deal with. They were my go to for black powder when no one else had any.
  4. revisiting on death gun bequests please...

    Not an expert, but isnt this one of the main benefits of a gun trust? Its just a more formal way of describing what you want to do (notorized letter).
  5. carpal tunnel syndrome

    I sonetimes sleep with wristbands on, it helps. My case isnt too extreme though. I wake up in pain if i use handtools a lot diring the day.
  6. DUI checkpoints & Schools

    About 10 years ago, I approached a DUI checkpoint on Rt 20 in Auburn, MA that was disguised as "road work ahead". As soon as I realized what it was, I did a U turn. I was sober, my passengers were sober, but the 10 or so State Troopers that quickly gave chase swore that I was intoxicated and...
  7. New Firearm Acquisition For February 2022

    I bought a Glock 19 Gen 5 today. I have an older Gen 2, but wanted something newer for EDC. I've been carrying a G17 for a while now and seeing if I like the 19 any better.
  8. Selling a Car and the Art of Negotiating

    He was completely fine. Bailed early.
  9. Selling a Car and the Art of Negotiating

    Details on bike? My buddy and I were talking about bikes just last night. Him and I sold some bikes about 5 years back. Both of us had the hardest time selling. My 2004 Heritage Softil was on market for over a year. I lived on a busy street with a for sale sign, plus Craigslist and ebay. Book on...
  10. Selling a Car and the Art of Negotiating

    As far as being the buyer, I'm in the market for a 4 wheeler. I saw a 4x4 I liked last week, but the price was about 3k higher than what KBB was saying the value should be. I know KBB isn't the gospel, but it is somewhere to start. I messaged the seller and said hey, I'm willing to pay 500 over...
  11. To clean after every outing or not to clean after every outing? That is the question.

    I try to after every use. The main reason is, there is no telling the next time I'm going to use it.
  12. Selling a Car and the Art of Negotiating

    Hardest part for me was putting a value on electric issues. 2 brake lights wouldn't work, 3rd brake light would. I replaced a $200 switch thinking that was the issue. Nope. Gave up there. To me, it could be a $1 fix with a missing fuse (I couldn't find a decent picture of what the fusebox should...
  13. Selling a Car and the Art of Negotiating

    That's one benefit of FB messenger. When you mark an item sold, any conversation you have with buyers automatically send them a notification that the item is sold. Kind of a nice FU feature. What's the reason you wouldn't budge on a lower BoS? Is there a scam out there that I'm not aware of? I...
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