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  1. Anyone ever been to Sig Sauers store in NH?

    Up until Oct 16 we lived 5 miles from the Sig Proshop and visited them every couple months to see what was happening. The expensive visits usually happened when our son was visiting from Georgia because one of his friends worked in the ProShop and we could get a discount on weapons and most...
  2. Sig P365 owners

    My wife and I carry 938s with lasers and hollow points but just purchased a 9 mm 365. I suspect she will want to carry the 365 so she can put more holes in someone that tries to do nasty to her
  3. First Gun Purchase, how did you start your collection?

    First handgun was a SIG P320 chambered with 357 SIG and a 9mm conversion kit. Next we got 2 P938s and added lasers. next was another 9mm SIG P320 this time with the manual safety. then my wife and son gave me a P226 legion chambered in 9 mm and a 357 SIG conversion kit for Christmas. the last...
  4. Where in NH can we shoot?

    Granite State is my usual place but they have restricted access.
  5. Where in NH can we shoot?

    Is the distance from roads/houses 200, 300, 500, or What? There is a snowmobile/bike/hiking path at the back of my property that might work.. also a swamp area next to the path that may give us an open space. It looks like there is over two miles across the swamp and thru the woods to...
  6. Where in NH can we shoot?

    They are empty. We took the pickup and drove from Hampton Beach to Portsmouth. There was no parking all along 1A and a bunch of people walking. Also saw about 10 police cars - mostly staties - it was strange. Woul$ be a good place to shoot but no place to park.
  7. hope everyone’s well

    My well is not a safe...unless you hide things in your well
  8. Where in NH can we shoot?

    I would like to sight in a couple AR-15s and put a few rounds thru our hand guns. We usually use Granite State in Nashua but they are currently only open to members. We don’t need an official range - just a place to shoot that is safe and won’t upset a bunch of people. I could go in the woods...
  9. CCI 22 amo

    What is up with CCI ammo? We use the CCI quiet-22 segmented in our bolt action 22 for fun. It is quiet so the neighbors don’t get excited and is easier to use than a break barrel pellet gun. I went to order another 1,000 rounds and everyone is out of stock with no no option to back order. Even...
  10. AMAZON basics full synthetic motor oil 10w30

    After many years of changing my own oil I finally decided that it was too much of a hassle so I now go to Wally world in Epping NH and get their house brand full synthetic for my Altima and Silverado. They seem to better than the normal Wally worlds and I will not ever go to the auto dept in...
  11. Looking for NH FFL to work with

    Time to get a tent... Just be careful. NH might increase your taxes because it has a home on it.
  12. School is giving out hockey pucks in case of active shooter

    The next step will be to register your hockey puck soon to be followed by your needing a license to purchase and carry one.
  13. 22 cal plinker

    Great ideas. To answer the question about my wife’s weapon proficiency. She carries a Sig 938 and shoots our Sig CO2 on a regular basis. Last week she texted me while I was on a business trip to say that 6 rodents (4 greys, a red and a chipmunk) would not be coming out for breakfast the next...
  14. 22 cal plinker

    my wife has been using a Co2 pellet gun to persuade squirrels to stay away and now wants something a bit more powerful. She shoots out the back window and has a scope on her weapon I am thinking that a decent 22 rifle would be good and am looking at a Savage 64 that might be a good alternative...
  15. US removes self from UN Human Rights council

    Just take away their foreign dignitary privileges and make them pay taxes. They will quickly leave. Super woman, but she couldn’t do it without Trump’s suport.
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