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  1. CPAC: Watch Wayne LaPierre LIVE today at 12:30 p.m.

    It feels as though the NRA allowing Wayne to represent it at CPAC was a giant middle finger to the rank and file NRA members. I was concerned about the future of the NRA when NY first went after them. I'm starting to believe that the NRA is so arrogant that they will ignore the critical...
  2. Storage Fees Bonded gun shop

    Rather than banning granitestater, I'd like to advocate for a triumphant return of Scrivner. I'd be fine with reading granitestater's ridiculous troll posts if I could receive the joy of reading Scrinver-esque replies to them.
  3. Biden lifts ban on transgender people serving in the military

    So who's on the hook for all the therapy they'll need when they try to come to terms with the terrible mistake they've made?
  4. Impeachment on the Way

    Probably just a coincidence but... Nixon takes concrete steps to end the Vietnam war. His personal shortcomings and paranoia are exploited to ensnare him in the Watergate scandal. He resigns rather than face impeachment and removal from office. A rather unlikeable president is driven from...
  5. KN95 Masks

    Not sure how in any sane world wearing a cloth face diaper or a bulk-pack "surgical" mask over a true N95 mask would in any way be a substantive increase in filtering effectiveness. Given that the 95% effective rating of an N95 mask is reached through the incorporation of a middle layer of...
  6. Run Hide Fight Movie trailer and movie here.

    Looks like some good mindless entertainment if you can ignore the messaging. The girl power thing and the easy availability of full-auto turns me off a bit.
  7. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    Dude, you need to get your estrogen-driven outrage in check. Maybe stop self-medicating. Do Knuckledragger and you live together? It seems that your menstrual cycles have synced up. I've yet to see a shred of objective fact in your posts. It is all over-emotional hyperbole. The best course of...
  8. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    Funny, I thought he was Michale Avenatti.
  9. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    But George Floyd wasn't a junkie who OD'd and contributed greatly to his own death.
  10. Medford LTC Restriction Removal

    I can't say I've heard of anyone having success in Medford with removing restrictions prior to your first renewal. Medford seems to play it pretty tight so unless you can make a case as to why you have a particularized need that distinguishes you from the general public it is unlikely to happen...
  11. Called out for not wearing a mask

    As for those light blue disposable masks, I was wearing the same one for weeks at a time as I don’t believe in their efficacy and thus don’t take the mask thing seriously. I did eventually develop a nasty sinus infection that I blame on using the same mask too many times, I have since switched...
  12. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I believe Dr Faucci has surpassed Aesops in terms of sheer number of fables produced. Listening to Faucci opine on infectious disease (an area where he possesses little useful knowledge) has become akin to taking the kids to the library for story time. The man embodies everything wrong with...
  13. Vaccine Poll

    Some bad news for people who believe the COVID vaccine will be the silver bullet: So, merely receiving the vaccine does not provide a guarantee that at any moment in time you are not shedding virus and thus infectious. If you believe...
  14. Vaccine Poll

    Yup, sign me up right after the teacher's unions agree to mandatory vaccination without negotiated compensation in return.
  15. Armed Group Breaks Into Family Home; After Dad Rains Hellfire Only Half Make It Out Alive

    It can be tragic in that this incident will still have some lasting impact on the father/shooter and his family. This guy didn't ask for this fight but, he did what needed doing. Now, he'll have some issues to deal with for a while. Justified or not, he did kill two people, and even though they...
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