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  1. The Danger of DEER CROSSING ZONES....

    Oh I love this one.
  2. Free Moving boxes

    Gone. thank you.
  3. Karma:go green on me!!!!

  4. CheaperThanDirt suspends sales

    I did a search for Pete's sake and I didn't get what I was looking for...
  5. ammyy scam?

    Has anyone else heard of the ammyy scam? I just found out about it today but have been dealing with it for a few weeks now. Every day for about 3-4 weeks I get a call from a different middle eastern sounding man who tells me he is from "windows technical department" and he is calling to...
  6. 38 revolver suggestions

    I hate shooting my s&w 442, but it does it's job as a compact CCW.
  7. Four Calibers

    .22lr 9mm .308 and 12 gauge

    I currently work in a group home for children (6-22 years old) with developmental disorders. Many of the students I work with have severe autism, most are non-verbal even at 13+ years old. Some students have down syndrome, a few with angelmen and there are also a couple that are blind with...
  9. hi cap mags, ccw

    same-ish for me. Just five rounds of .38 special +p in a J-frame.
  10. What's your average?

    Before this month, it was about once every other month. Now that I have joined a club and not renting a lane, it's about 4 times a week... But soon my wallet will be empty and it will slow down. I'll still try to keep it at once a week.
  11. 10/22 gatling gun kit

    Why not do what this guy did and use two AK-47's?
  12. non-steel core 7.62X54R

    So I just won $100 on a scratch ticket and was going to use that money to buy a Mossin Nagant. I'm a member at Hopkinton Sportsman Association and they do not allow steel core ammo. How hard is it to find ammo that is not steel core? It would be a new caliber to me. I currently only use .22lr...
  13. Diablo 3

    I own a 5 year old mac... I will not be buying Diablo 3 any time soon [sad] I was one of those that spent more time in high school playing Diablo 2 then studying.
  14. Backorder...

    So with today being payday I've been looking at 9mm uppers for my AR-build. All the on-line places i've looked at are back ordered, some indefinitely. Any one know where I can go to find a complete 9mm upper? If I have to i'll just order when I can and wait the 60-90 days, but I'd like to have...
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