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  1. IDPA in western mass.

    The range in Keene does a club idpa match once each month. Usually $15 for 6 stages.
  2. IDPA in western mass.

    How far are you from the Keene NH area?
  3. WTS Cannon Gun Safe

    Sold - Cannon Safe, fireproof, good condition - $400 (selling for my dad)
  4. Hillary Clinton Urges Silicon Valley to ‘Disrupt’ ISIS

    Is she asking for Anonymous to do more of the work for her?
  5. Trader Johns, Winchester, NH-great experience

    Only good shopping experiences I have ever had at Trader Johns is when he wasn't there. He is a grumpy old fart with prices too high. I also heard from someone I trust that he buys stolen goods and sells them elsewhere. Not someone I want to give business to. If you were looking for 9mm and...
  6. Six hour work day...

    6 hour work days less time off for their lunch and the companies can avoid having to offer insurance and avoid the Obamacare penalties.
  7. Thunderwear and Urban Carry Holster

    I've been looking for a new holster also. Currently have a Comptac Minotaur but the thing I hate about it is the added bulk under the pants and the clips, even though being under the pants make it difficult to use my pockets. If carried at 3 o'clock it makes using my front and rear pocket on...
  8. When the AK is jelly of the AR

    I do love shooting and the traditional look of the ak which is what I have now and won't give that up but it would be fun to own one with the changes I mentioned.
  9. When the AK is jelly of the AR

    That doesn't use the 7.62x39
  10. When the AK is jelly of the AR

    Or maybe I can operate one just fine but those changes would make it more efficient.
  11. When the AK is jelly of the AR

    Just give me an AK with a bolt that stays back on an empty mag, has a quick bolt release like the AR and the magazine well of an AR and I would be happy with that.
  12. Easy Magazine Identification

    So I sold my G19 (kept mos the mags) and bought a G23 and a 9mm conversion barrel. Now the issue came up about quickly and easily identifying which mags were .40 and which were 9mm. I saw some blue and orange baseplates at $4 each, also there are aluminum ones which can be anodized and/or...
  13. Restraining Order

    What state are you in? In NH even though I filed for an expedited hearing and had the order dismissed I still had to file for another hearing for the judge to approve to give my guns back. Lame.
  14. Carrying untucked, iwb or owb?

    For me iwb or owb depends on the room I have available in the pants waistline.
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