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  1. Who's Participating in the 2020 Census...?

    Ten years ago the questions were far more intrusive than this go around. They sent a census worker to my house twice.
  2. ? For the Men: Moustaches and Covid?

    My beard is very full, it will take an act of G-d for me to even consider removing it. If I can get a somewhat decent seal on my CPAP, I can get a seal with other kinds of mask.
  3. Fun times with MA Department of Revenue

    I will agree with that. The IRS people I've dealt with were courteous and polite. The DOR are thugs.
  4. Losing a friend to Alzheimers!

    Kim, I've missed your posts :-)
  5. Four way flashers on while it's snowing...WTF???

    I did this one night in pea soup fog. My reasoning was that people would notice flashing lights and might not notice a steady light.
  6. Free Masons. Who are they, what do they represent and are they worth joining?

    I'll be at the reunion on 03FEB2020.
  7. Free Masons. Who are they, what do they represent and are they worth joining?

    In my search for further light, I just joined the Scottish Rite. I'll be getting my 4th and 16th degrees in one month. If anyone is a member of the Nashua Valley, let me know :-)
  8. How long to microwave 18oz steak ?

    Get an iron skillet.
  9. Dangit - Jury Duty!

    My sister lives in Wakefield and got a jury duty summons for Framingham. I told her to reschedule it for closer to home.
  10. Seeing a therapist?

    Get the counseling! Honestly, if the therapist recommends anti-anxiety meds, take them. I refused for years and when I finally got them, my crushing anxiety was reduced to being manageable.
  11. SPAM phone calls

    Thank you! I just activated this setting on my phone!
  12. Sleep improvement...

    I bought a special CPAP pillow, designed for side sleepers. My neck problems from poor spinal alignment have almost gone away.
  13. Sleep improvement...

    Wake up every two hours needing a diaper change and a burping? :D :D :D
  14. Sleep improvement...

    I've had one for ten years and it has been a lifesaver. My wife doesn't want to kill me with my snoring, which is good :-)
  15. SPAM phone calls

    Every few days I get ones in Mandarin. I get regular calls about my car's extended on my work phone. I so wish it was a human to have fun with...
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