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  1. Is Andover Issuing Unrestricted LTC?

    Your friend should move to NH. If he works around Andover, that makes NH very commutable.
  2. Cohasset man charged with living in Cohasset....

    My wife's family finally stopped asking why I don't move closer to them so my wife can see them more often. I explained I cannot and will not live in MA because my firearms make me a felon in Massachusetts, but are 100% legal in New Hampshire.
  3. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    I would help within the limits of my training.
  4. Came down with another case of GAS or Gun Acquisition Syndrome

    Several times a year I get to shoot a firearm that induces a case of GAS and the only remedy is to purchase said firearm. In this case, I shot Gunner30 (Rob P)'s Ruger Mk IV and I decided I need one. I didn't like the previous versions because of the difficulty in stripping and reassembly. The...
  5. Ready or not, REAL ID is coming

    I've had Real ID since my last DR renewal in '19. When the Covid-19 meshugaas stops, I'll have to fly occasionally for work. My wife and I plan on traveling to see her family every couple of years. Honestly, it didn't bother me that much to make it easier for me to fly in the future or get into...
  6. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    I started with a major defense contractor last month and plenty of the training was "woke". No critical race theory crap yet. I keep my mouth shut because I need the check and the benefits are pretty good, and I actually like what I'm doing.
  7. Is USCCA worthy?

    I have U.S. Law Shield. USCCA does more advertising and they publish books.
  8. Man found with loaded gun in carry-on at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, TSA says

    I had a round in my carry on bag that TSA at MHT found. I missed it during my earlier search of the bag. Had I gone to Logan instead, I would have been arrested for it.
  9. Non police carrying retention holsters?

    I know a pair of former cops who use level 3 retention holsters.
  10. Massad Ayoob Named President Of Second Amendment Foundation

    A friend of mine teaches with him, when he does classes in NH. I hope to sign up for a class the next time Mas is up here.
  11. What’s your Dream gun?

    For a revolver it is a Colt Python. For a pistol, a Nighthawk or Wilson Combat 1911. For long arms, an M1-D with the scope and all the numbers matching.
  12. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    Fair Winds and Following Seas, Attorney Foley. I think I met him at an NES event in Central MA several years ago.
  13. The Army has Charged Bowe Bergdahl with Desertion,

    Another great legacy of 0bama...
  14. Do what you can for 2a

    I send emails to me elected representatives on a regular basis. I donate to GOA, SAF, Firearms Policy Coalition, and NRA-ILA.
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