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  1. BREAKING: Second Round Of $1,200 Stimulus Checks To Be Sent Out Next Week

    LinkedIn and Indeed have generated the most interviews for me. Dice has been a joke and ZipRecruiter has been slightly less of a joke. I went to a few online job fairs, I did get a handful of interviews as a result.
  2. BREAKING: Second Round Of $1,200 Stimulus Checks To Be Sent Out Next Week

    I've been out of work for almost six months. I accepted a job offer and I am waiting for a start date and background check. Allegedly I will start sometime next week...I sent out on the average of 18 resumes each week plus interviewing. What makes people think those of us who are out of work...
  3. Azerbaijan vs Armenia - shooting war

    I suspected there were Jewish people in Azerbajian because of its proximity to the Silk Road and Jewish artifacts dating back to the diaspora being found near India. If memory serves, writing was found on a statue and after analysis was determined to be ancient Hebrew
  4. Azerbaijan vs Armenia - shooting war

    I don't understand Israel selling arms to Azerbaijan. The Jewish people and the Armenian people have been very close for a long time and have a shared heritage with being the victims of a shoah. I know Azerbaijan has the cash to spend on arms, but Israel has a moral responsibility to assist a...
  5. Any other Stargate fans?

    I watched SGU for Ming Na, and her body has aged gracefully. I am definitely intrigued by a new SG series. Off topic, I binged BSG on Peacock a few weeks ago and it was better the second time around. I disliked Starbuck the first time, and really disliked her on the second go around...
  6. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    This is the earliest I've turned on the heat, I have it set for 65F...I have to admit I've been cold and I know my wife has been cold. I don't regret it. Being warm is better than pride.
  7. fck the jew, kill the cop. Our loving leftists.

    This Jew does not vote for Big Government.
  8. Boston Mayor Walsh: Plans for Methadone Mile

    Will you be able to tell the rest of Malden from the "methadone mile"? Honestly, that is far too close to the old homestead and I don't like these drecks being that close.
  9. End the Kennedy Dynasty - Vote Markey Sept 1

    I also grew up in Mr. Frosty's district. I thought he was a mental midget when I met him in Jr. High and that was the highwater of my opinion of him.
  10. Flying sucks

    Masks don't do is like using a chain link fence to stop a mosquito.
  11. Moving to Maine, What would be your first firearm purchase and why please?

    Personally, I would re-evaluate moving to ME. You have a moonbat Governor and legislature who is actively undoing all the good things LaPage did.
  12. NH putting FORTY different laws in one bill?!!

    Not as conservative as I would like, but far better than the alternative. He has protected our gun rights and prevented an income tax. He has my vote.
  13. NH putting FORTY different laws in one bill?!!

    Imagine if the D had gotten in two years ago...this state would be unrecognizable.
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