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  • My mom is in HK right now, taking care of her 'citizenship' stuff, actually along with my aunts too. I've been to HK once, when I was 3 for one of my aunt's wedding. I was born here in Boston but I love to travel so I'm hoping to visit Hong Kong in the near future :)
    If you ever feel the need to relieve yourself of one of those Pentax K1000s, please let me know! [wink] Great cameras!
    I haven't talked to Sean about that. doesn't surprise me. All I can say is YARTH.
    From the updates and pictures trickling onto the board it looks like a good time was had by all and mucho funds raised for TVI. Sorry I missed it.
    They're discussing it in the random group. ChetD seems to imply he knows, but he's not fessing up publicly and given how much he BSs at times I wouldn't bet a Reeds Ferry shed that he really does..
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