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  1. Aquila Minishell 12ga rifled slugs

    No go in my Winchester 12. Perhaps that adapter would help, but it just doesn't seem to make sense, especially with the higher cost of this ammo+ (I only tried the shot shells).. It's not that hard to reload more shells when empty
  2. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Didn't the great pumpkin say, "Life is a bowl of sabots"?
  3. CCI #34 Primers

    Heritage in West Warwick has them.
  4. 7.65 Argentine?

    Fábrica Militar de Cartuchos San Francisco, San Francisco, Argentina
  5. 7.65 Argentine?

    Stopped by Hansen's (Southport, CT) yesterday and they have a wooden crate of 7.65x54mm "SF" ammo. It was marked ~$735, but I assume it contained 1500 rounds or more (really didn't notice the quantity). It looked pretty clean, but there are probably a few duds in the mix. I realize this isn't a...
  6. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    andrew1220: some creative artwork there!
  7. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I hear you, Pete. Good job! Was out today shooting my m96 Swede, along with a friend's m44 Mosin and Ruger SR 762. Mostly Albanian surplus with the Mosin, but mostly my reloads in the others. We can reach out a bit further to 165 yards. The SR 762 doesn't run 100% with MKE (Turkish) factory 7.62...
  8. 7mm mauser

    FWIW, I've run less than perfect cast bullets (Lyman #266469) sans gas checks out of my Swedish m96 with less than 7.0 grains of W473AA. They shoot better than I can. Generally, plain-based cast bullets should be held to under 1200 feet per second. I don't recall how fast I've tried to push...
  9. 7mm mauser

    Yes, sorry about that. Your Rolling Block should be a blast, especially in a fine caliber like 7x57mm. A friend brought over an Argentine contract in .43 Spanish one time. Sadly, .43 Spanish isn't as common as 7mm Mauser and our shooting was limited to the dozen or so berdan-primed reloads...
  10. 7mm mauser

    The plated FN .30-30 bullets from xtreme or Berrys will work, but the flat nose doesn't always allow smooth, rapid feeding. 30-30
  11. 7mm mauser

    Have you tried the Lyman 311359? That should be stubby enough for the K31. Rifle Bullet Moulds I've used the other M1 Carbine bullet (311410) for powderpuff loads; it is a plain-based bullet. I haven't cast the 311359 in ages.
  12. 7mm mauser

    If interested, I have at least three boxes (might be partial boxes, ie. < 100 count) of .284" diameter jacketed bullets. Let me find them... ...okay, 95ct. Hornady#2835 154g RN, 88 ct. Speer#1620 120g Soft Point, 44 ct. Speer #1617 115g HP. It's possible that I have a few cast bullets in my...
  13. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Diddo what's been said already. I'm not a marksman, so the GP11 doesn't do much better for me than my reloads. It is a fine product nonetheless. If you can find the LRB primers, this stuff is easily reloaded; primers pop out with water very nicely. Can't say that I've seen the GP11 ammo for sale...
  14. Smokeless Load for 45/70 Sharps (modern)

    Many centerfire smokeless powder loads are compressed, but Trail Boss is not one of the powders used for compressed loads; none that I've ever seen, at least. There is no direct warning about compressing Trail Boss, but I don't find any load data showing compressed loads with TB. The data uses...
  15. Interest in free range brass?

    Probably even scarcer than .30-06 is .270 Winchester, but if you find this at the range, it doesn't take much to convert it into .30-06 and other calibers. Although it's not convenient for you, I just rescued some unpopular/unwanted .270 Win. brass from a local shop near Foxwoods. It was packed...
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