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  1. New Hampshire only goes Blue how far?

    Yes, I spent a few days in Twin Mountain, and the Biden signs outnumbered Trump signs 10 to 1.
  2. RBG Replacement Supreme Court Appointment megathread

    This. She was given permission to vote that way.
  3. Heart attack?

    For a few reasons, mostly that they are watching you exercise and evaluating your response. The other is they have exercise physiologists who arguably know more about the heart's response to exercise than most cardiologists. [pot]
  4. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    I can only say that I was visiting Twin Mountain and Franconia Notch last weekend, I saw ONE Trump sign, and a gazillion Biden/Harris signs. So I think we know where this is going for President. [puke]
  5. Heart attack?

    Yeah, that VFIB risk is a pissa.
  6. Heart attack?

    That's one reason to go to cardiac rehab, to explore that.
  7. This is why I quit ordering from Optics Planet...

    I have some 9mm ammo on backorder with them. They sent me an email 2 weeks ago saying they needed to verify my charge card or the order would be canceled. They were supposed to charge some random small amounts and I needed to email them with the amounts to verify. So far I haven't seen anything...
  8. Ford Guys only please (new truck decision)

    There aren't any axle ratios "in the low 2s".
  9. Ford Guys only please (new truck decision)

    Ford has been putting turbos in F150 engines for 10 years now. There's not big rash of failures related to turbos, although they have had a variety of other issues related to timing chains and cams (after all, they are Fords [rofl] ). Also, the engine that drives the highest tow ratings in the...
  10. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    No double dipping!
  11. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    Aren't you a little old to still be on the nipple?
  12. Dershowitz!

    True, but as you can see, @Spanz, among many others, swallowed the lib narrative hook, line, and sinker.
  13. If a Glock is a Toyota...

    F150 SCrew / G19 gen3 Not flashy, but they get the job done.
  14. Heart attack?

    Are you going to do cardiac rehab? I found it very helpful. If you're a regular gym user, you will find that part kind of slow-paced (as expected), but there are a lot of other things to learn. Glad you're home, stick with it.
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