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  1. Herr Raimondo on the assault again

    She's term limited, so it will be another tyrannical moonbat next term.
  2. OK how do i become a member of NES???

    What about the part where you hold the glass in front of a bottle of vermouth?
  3. RI makes a deal to reopen gun ranges

    From the RI 2A coalition today: Attention Second Amendment Supporters, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGE - There has been some confusion and some differing interpretations relative to the Governor's Executive Order 20-09, signed on March 22, 2020. This order, which is in effect until...
  4. OK how do i become a member of NES???

    This. And let's have some of those martini recipies! [cheers]
  5. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    At the end of all this shit, Amazon and Walmart are going to be the only ones left standing.
  6. OK how do i become a member of NES???

    If you mail a check, wrap it in a condom first and spray with Lysol.
  7. New Fords

    The 2.7L EcoBoost is a beast for such a small displacement engine. As I pointed out earlier, there are better choices if you were planning to run it hard for work every day, towing heavy enclosed trailers for example. But for your use, you made the right choice. I have a 2019 'crew with the...
  8. New Fords

    Actually the 2.7 EcoBoost in the newer F150s have port-fuel/direct-injected (PFDI), so it's both direct and port injection.
  9. New Fords

    It's here: Auto Stop Start Eliminator F150
  10. Day 1, Chronicle of Work from Home

    That's still ... disturbing?
  11. New Fords

    Early 3.5 EcoBoost (Generation 1) had a serious problem with stretching timing chains. That has been resolved in the Generation 2 (current) 3.5 engines. I've heard complaints about the plastic oil pan on the 2.7, and the 5.0 V8 has a long-standing problem with oil consumption, which doesn't...
  12. New Fords

    The 3.5L EcoBoost is the towing king in the current F150 lineup, no other engine comes close. But honestly, if your mission is daily heavy hauling and towing, you should be getting at least a SuperDuty or F350. I'm perfectly happy with my 3.5L turbo for my occasional towing and hauling. ETA...
  13. Day 1, Chronicle of Work from Home

    Just do like they are in Baltimore, ask all the bad guys to cut it out.
  14. Who's Participating in the 2020 Census...?

    You are going to respond and give them the full name, birthdate, and ethnicity of everyone in your household, and you're worried about them knowing you use Firefox? 🤔
  15. NRA Annual Meeting Cancelled

    Should cut down on the board of directors drama maybe...
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