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  1. Purchasing antique firearm out of state

    Not a prohibited person. Has a MA license. Everything in good standing. Shop apparently just doesn't want to have anything to do with MA. Probably going to pass on it. We discussed and I think he can do better
  2. Purchasing antique firearm out of state

    Not a bad suggestion, but in this case he's looking to do it ASAP. No idea why the shop won't ship to MA other than the usually not wanting to get involved with MA BS. He's on the fence about it now, so probably not going to overthink this too hard
  3. Purchasing antique firearm out of state

    So my dad has interest in an 1870s colt pistol he found while on vacation in New Orleans. Shop won't ship to MA however. He's interested in buying it, but unsure how to complete a purchase like this. Any advice?
  4. New Florida gun law leads to first seizure: Army veteran's AR-15

    Do the cops really need to seize the non firearm items as well? The stuff anyone can own? The flashlight? The magpul foregrop? An optic? The sling clip? Does he get that back or does one cop get to keep some cool accessories?
  5. Transporting gun into Massachusetts?

    Well my post was more of a question really. Has it happened?
  6. Transporting gun into Massachusetts?

    my understanding is you can still be arrested and have to argue FOPA as a defense. NRA-ILA | Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms I just don't see a MA state trooper pulling someone over without a MA ltc, discovering a firearm, and letting them be on their way even if they...
  7. Renewing in Peabody

    I did mine in peabody and it wasnt that bad. I dropped off the packet maybe 3 months ahead of schedule and got a call back the next week to make an Appt. Got in quick and got my license well before expiration.
  8. Taking non-US residents to the range

    Thanks everyone. Just as I thought. My range is quiet during the normal work day, so if we made a trip during the week we'd be likely alone. Just doing my homework to see if I missed something Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Taking non-US residents to the range

    I've got a number of coworkers that work in other offices around the globe. I've had a working relationship with some for close to a decade, and once in a while we have some small talk about gun laws in our various countries. Anyway, they often come to the US for business, and I'm wondering...
  10. Possession of relic weapons

    I guess common sense just really doesn't apply when it involves the BATFE. Would really suck to get in trouble for the rusted up mosin sitting in a display cabinet, rather than the functional one sitting in my safe. Funny how that scenario could actually happen Sent from my iPhone using...
  11. Possession of relic weapons

    Curious about this subject. I've been watching videos on Youtube of guys pulling rusted out, disintegrated k98's, mosin s, STG44's and other various firearms from the eastern front. For the sake of this question, let's assume the firearm is beyond any sort of restoration and is just a rusty...
  12. Ranges for non-licensed person to rent and shoot

    Good info. I'll relay so he can make some calls. Thank you to All that responded Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ranges for non-licensed person to rent and shoot

    Asking for a coworker who I frequently take to the range with me. His son is coming up for the holidays, and he wants to take him shooting. I'd like to take them myself, but my schedule is booked solid for the holidays. Other than Bobs in Salisbury, are there any ranges he could go to...
  14. Drone skeet!

    They would still be expensive as hell, at least initially. Most of the drones buzzing around tend to be cheap Chinese toys with crappy hobby grade cameras that really don't offer great detailed pics. Those dropping $4-5k+ on a high def photography drone tend to be a bit more responsible than...
  15. "Where do you store your ammo?"

    Mine doesn't care. She's not anti, but has no interest. I've tried, but it's to no avail. In her defense, she takes no interest in any of my hobbies. She does her thing, I do mine, and that's that Sent from my big ass iPhone 6 using Tapatalk
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